Instructions to Members

WynnumCentral App
eCoin Rewards Program

How It Works

Customer MUST download free WynnumCentral app to participate (iOS/Android).

Aims of Scheme

  1. Encourage shoppers to shop at a range of WynnumCentral Members, not just the ones they visit regularly
  2. Encourage ‘digital natives’ who are not regular visitors to visit Wynnum to try out eCoin Rewards Program
  3. Encourage focus on repeat shopping to earn rewards
  4. Encourage download and usage of the app and therefore greater engagement with WynnumCentral business community
  5. Encourage WynnumCentral Members to shop at each others businesses using the tokens directly as opposed to redeeming them
  6. Encourage ‘collectors’ to collect the token (not necessarily with a view to spending them)

For Retailer

Stage 1 – customers get eCoin Rewards ‘points’ on the app
If customer makes a purchase of at least $5 they can ask you to validate that purchase in the eCoin Rewards section of the app
They pass their device to you and you must enter the validation code for the purchase to be registered
When they make their 5th purchase (ie they have spent at least $25 at WynnumCentral Members), the eCoin Rewards screen will reset and you must issue them with a 5ECU token. This is worth $5

Stage 2 – customers use token/s for a purchase
Treat the 5ECU token as cash
Do not give change
One token only per transaction

Stage 3 – redemption
Tokens can be redeemed with WynnumCentral at face value in blocks of 10 (ie $50)
However, as above, we encourage you to use the tokens yourself for purchases at other WynnumCentral Members


  • We may suspend or cancel the program at any time, although we will endavour to do this with a sufficient notice period (eg 30 days) for customers
  • We may change the number of purchases required to earn an eCoin – 5 purchases is a low number so we may extend this in the future – however it needs to be a ‘good deal’ in the first instance to gain some traction
  • Four digit PIN – it is essential that you keep this confidential – everyone shares the same PIN so if this is compromised we will need to issue a new PIN to everyone
  • Please let us know ASAP if you have any suspicion that people are ‘gaming the system’
  • We will issue a set number of tokens to you and ask you to sign for these. Please let us know ASAP if you are running low (eg only 3 left) and we will resupply if we have stock. We have 200 tokens in total but can order more fairly quickly if we need to.


Text in app itself

Shop at WynnumCentral Members and earn eCoin Rewards. Here’s how it works…

1) Download the free WynnumCentral app for Apple and Android
2) Next time you spend $5 or more at a WynnumCentral Member, open the app on your device, click on eCoin Rewards and tick a box, then hand your device to the assistant to validate your purchase in the app
3) When you have made 5 purchases of $5 or more at WynnumCentral Members, collect your 5ECU token, which is worth $5
4) You can spend your 5ECU token at any WynnumCentral Member.

It’s as easy as that!

List of Participating WynnumCentral Retailers
Bay Blends
Bayside Florist
Cafe Green Bean
Cedar & Pine
Clacher & Hook Optometrists
Creative Treasures@Wynnum Market
Crystal Rose Gallery
DBS Menswear
Flinders Coffee/Monty’s Place
Go Vita Wynnum
Heidi’s Herbal Remedies
Manson Framers
Pizza Capers
Rival Bikes
River City Sewing Machine Centre
The Collective Store
Top Katz
Wynnum Fine Jewellers
Wynnum Manly Loan Office
Ycel Ice Cream Galore

Card Info

Reward stamp is per transaction/visit at the discretion of the individual retailer | No change is given if you use a 5ECU token for a purchase less than $5 | Only one 5ECU token can be used per transaction | Individual retailers may substitute an alternative action to a minimum $5 spend to receive a reward stamp – this cannot be a higher $ spend than $5 | The eCoin Rewards program will run until 31/03/16, although WynnumCentral reserves the right to suspend or cancel the program at any time without notice | There is a limit of 5 reward stamps per day per device | There are a limited number of 5ECU tokens in circulation, so while WynnumCentral will endeavour to ensure retailers have adequate stock of tokens, we cannot guarantee this



WynnumCentral app on iPhone 6

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