For Advertisers

Are you a local business that would like to get the word out about what you do in the local community?

If so, you should consider WynnumCentral as a way to do it. Why? WynnumCentral is currently the ‘go-to’ online news resource for what is happening in Wynnum, with a focus on the central shopping precinct (although we do cover other parts of Wynnum!). Wynnum has a population of around 12,000 people. The WynnumCentral website currently has around 4,000-9,000 people visiting it every month, and we send a weekly news emails to around 2,000. We’re also active on social media and have a WynnumCentral (iOS and Android) app for those on the go.

What We Don’t Do

This may sound strange, but we have no conventional ‘advertising’ on the site! Instead we focus on telling stories about businesses and organisations that are members or supporters of WynnumCentral.

What We Do Do

In very general terms, people read stories, not ads. So we don’t try to sell you banner ads on the site. We don’t think they work. What we do is profile all of our members with stories about who they are and what they do (we have a small team of writers that does this). The current marketing terminology for this sort of approach is ‘content marketing’ and ‘native advertising’, and it is working for major national companies, and has driven the popularity of the WynnumCentral site… and continues to work for our members.

At the same time as getting your name – and what you do – out there in an accessible way, you are also helping to support the initiatives of WynnumCentral to encourage the current revitalisation of the area. You just have to look at the new shops, cafes and bar(s) to know that something is working!

All members and supporters are acknowledged everywhere, both online and on our printed material – street signs (for the twilight market) and flyers and posters. To see what we have written about our members, check out our Member Profiles – scroll down to Categories in the right hand bar on any page and choose ‘Business Profiles’.

The (Not So) Small Print

The WynnumCentral initiative is wholly supported by local businesses who join as members, sponsors and supporters on a weekly or annual subscription basis.

If you are a local business, that is you are based in, or adjacent to, the 4178 postcode, then you are eligible to become a member, sponsor or supporter – we’d love to welcome you to the WynnumCentral business community.

By coming on board you will be supporting a range of initiatives to breathe life into the heart of the Wynnum Central shopping area and so be a part of the renaissance of Wynnum!

Membership fees
We have kept membership fees affordable for small local businesses, with options for silver and gold membership for bigger businesses. WynnumCentral members can choose to support for 6 months, 12 months or on an ongoing basis. You can pay via direct debit, BPAY, direct payment, cash, cheque or PayPal.

For more information call us on 07 3040 1972 or check our For Traders page.