Wynnum Illuminations Festival – Sat 13th June
Joining Instructions For Approved Stallholders FINAL

The event is definitely proceeding despite an uncertain weather forecast (and it is ‘just’ a forecast!). However we strongly advise that you prepare for possible wet weather ie something to cover your items and stall walls if you have them.

It can also get a little windy on the waterfront, although again forecast is currently for fairly light winds, nonetheless please ensure you have sufficient weights for your marquees (see below).

Close positioning essential
As you know room on the road will be very tight and so it is vital that we position all stalls hard up against one another – there will be no room for personal space! We will have marshals to guide you in and although you will be in your allocated zone, you may not be positioned in your exact numbered spot. This will enable us to get everyone in as efficiently as possible.

Some stall number changes
Please double check your stall number and zone as we have had to change positioning of a small number of stalls. This is the final list.

Below I am including the original brief that went out a few days ago, in case you have not seen it, or needed a quick reminder…

Please find below confirmation details to assist you with your setup at the RE/MAX Advantage Illuminations Festival, please ensure you read the information below to understand the restrictions with bump in etc. due to road closures being in place.

Event Date
Saturday 13 June, 2015

Event Time
2:00pm – 8.30pm

Please note all stallholders must man their site for the full duration of the event, no-one is permitted to pack up before 8.30pm. All stallholders must be fully set up and operational by 2pm.

The Wynnum Esplanade between Florence & Pine Streets (near Wading Pool).

Road Closure
A full road closure will be in place on the Wynnum Esplanade from 10:00am to 10:00pm. A slip lane will be in operation on the western side of The Esplanade for emergency vehicle, local resident and business access only.

This lane must be left clear of all obstructions at all times. Therefore any vendors that back onto this lane will not be permitted to place anything behind their stall. For those that have requested power supply, all power leads will need to be run neatly and tidily along the back of the stalls and through cable ramps that will be positioned in sections allowing access to the generators. The onsite electrician will be monitoring the running of leads to ensure the above is adhered to.

Bump In
11:00am – 1:30pm

Due to the road closure, it is a one way access from Pine Street down to Florence Street. You are requested to unload your vehicle as quickly as possible, place your gear at your designated site and then remove your vehicle to an off-street park. It is very important that you assist us in doing this otherwise we are going to become congested very quickly and impede other stallholders from unloading.

On Arrival
You will need to meet with the Market Operator who will be onsite (wearing an orange hi-vis vest); you will then be shown to your site allocation.

Your site number and zone is listed below.

Depending on which zone you are in, please try and enter the event site from the closest cross street either via Pine Street, Chestnut or Clara Street. Please refer to the layout map here:

Illuminations Festival 2015 Map

It is quite possible that you may not be in the exact spot we have allocated you, as this will depend upon what order stallholders arrive but you will be positioned within the zone allocated. Please do not request to be moved to a different zone as this will not be possible.

Bump Out
8:30pm – please note vehicle access will be available as soon as the event space is deemed safe and clear of pedestrians. Please enter the event site the same way you did during set up and keep the slip lane completely clear at all times. Traffic control will be monitoring vehicle access.

No Vehicle Access
There will be no vehicle access after 1.30pm so please ensure you allow ample time to get in and set up. There are nearly 100 stallholders so please be mindful of time delays that may occur during setup. In addition, the road will reopen at 10pm so all stallholders must vacate by this time.

Weighting of Marquee
If you are in a marquee, you must weight your marquee accordingly. You will be positioned on the roadway, so there is no ability to peg or tie down your marquee. It can be notoriously windy on The Esplanade so in addition to weights it would be wise to bring walls etc. for your marquee.

Electrical Equipment & Cabling
All electrical equipment, leads and powerboards must be currently tested and tagged by a qualified electrician. Any equipment that does not hold a current electrical tag will not be permitted. The onsite electrician will be checking all electrical equipment/leads to ensure stallholder equipment meets safety standards
In regards to lead length, please allow a minimum of 25m for all of your extension leads. Powerboards are accepted but at no point will piggy backing on double adaptors be permitted
Power access – you will only be supplied power if you have already requested this. Please ensure that you bring sufficient lighting for your display. It is also important that you do not access any additional power over and above what you have requested.
General information
Food handling safety standards – all vendors preparing, handling, storing, transporting and selling food items for consumption are required to meet the minimum food & health safety standards. As discussed, a current Food Safety Certificate/Licence is to be provided prior to the event date and you must carry a copy of this certificate with you.
Water access – please note that due to the outdoor nature of the event, you would need to ensure that you bring any required water with you. Please also provide sanitary hand wash and washing up facilities for catering equipment as required.
Fire Safety – please ensure that you have an appropriate fire extinguisher / fire blanket easily accessible within your stall.
Parking – we have absolutely no space on the roadway for any vehicles, unless your vehicle is a mobile food truck or similar. You will need to move your vehicle to an off-street car park.
I will be your event contact on the day itself and can be reached on 0402 332287.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Illuminations Festival and greatly appreciate your patience in getting everyone set up and in position.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 0402 332287 or simply reply to this email.

David Bateson
07 3040 1972 / 0402 332287


Stall Positions

BUSINESS Stall Number Zone
Action Studio Photography 111 B
Andie Rose 11 A
Angies Plaster Pieces 143/144 C
Aussie Gourmet Treats 120 B
Bella BBQ 97/98 B
Biscuit 134/135 C
Black Box Foods 90 B
Blasted by Deb 127 C
Budgie Corner 128 C
Butterfly House Boutique 55 D
Candle Warmers Australia 12 A
Char Baby 38/39 C
ChipTease 41/42 C
Churros de Oro 101 B
Connecting Light 18 A
Daylight Designers 50 D
Different Gifts 121 C
Elizabeth Jean 129 C
Exotic Filled Licorice 138 C
Fabric And Felt Studio 130 C
Flameless Fragrance 51 D
Flavours of Indo Pacific 106/107 B
Flinders Coffee 91/92 B
Fudge Forever 104 B
Funk Bub 19 A
Gabrielle Vaughan (Arbonne) 52 D
Giara 53 D
Glow Styling 141/142 C
Gourmet Hot Dogs 44/45 C
Helens Skin Therapy 14 A
Hett’s Nice Shaved Ice 137 C
Investment Zone 56 D
John/Jenny Sullivan 131 C
Karibu Kenyan Cuisine 43 C
Kazko Creations 1 A
Kerries Homemade Craft(Kampong) 57 D
Ketut Tucher 110/111 B
Kids Creative Sand Art 49 D
Kids That Rock 139 C
Kims Itty Bitty Mobile Animal Farm GRASS TBC
Knot Just Wood 132/133 C
Lacinda Naturopatica 13 A
Lintara 140 C
LK Candles 9 A
M&M Art Deco 58 D
Manly Community Kindergarten 124 C
Manly Dragon Boat Club 31 C
Marion Jane Designs 6/7/8 A
Mean Bean 36/37 C
Mini Trendsetters 126 C
Monkey Hugs Dolls 122 C
Na Meche Place 103 B
Nettys Designs 59 D
Oz Dogs XXX B
Pam’s Jewellery Garden 63 D
Pancakes On The Go 113/114 B
Peakerboo Children’s Clothing 125 C
Popcorn Man 117 B
Port of Brisbane Rotary 93/94 B
Princess Miyah Designs 10 A
Princess Perfect Clips 65 D
Pure Henna 123 C
R&M LEDs 2/3 A
Rayell 20/21 A
Red Rock Noodle Bar 34/35 C
ReMax/Make-A-Wish 22/23 A
Republic of Wynnum/WynnumCentral 136 C
Rumi Daze 64 D
Sate House 115/116 B
Slushee Kingdom YYY B
Smokin Pizza 95/96 B
Sushi Neko 46/47 C
Tangled Tatoes 112 B
Telstra Shop Wynnum 17 A
The Maneki Neko Shop 66 D
Two Teas 105 B
Uncle Sams 32/33 C
Viva Paella 118/119 B
Wooden Art 4/5 A
Wynnum Herald(QUEST) 16 A
Wynnum Men’s Shed 108/109 B
Wynnum State School P&C 48 D
Yachtshare 15 A
Yakitori 99/100 B
Your Inspiration At Home 60 D