WynnumCentral Member Update


I thought you might like a quick ‘heads up’ on what is planned for WynnumCentral over the next month or so. Of course we are continuing with the Art/Craft/Vintage/Retro market (next one this Saturday 7th June) and we have some new A5 flyers listing the dates of all Wynnum events until the end of the year – let me know if you need some/more of these. Listing the actual dates may make it easier for people to remember when the market is on, as opposed to saying ‘first Saturday’.

Apart from the market, here are some other events, promotions and updates for you…

  • Illuminations Festival Sat 21st June
  • Fete de la Musique Sat 21st June
  • Printed Newsletter
  • Passport Promotion
  • New Banners
  • Twilight Seafood Market
  • WynnumART
  • Wynnum Creative Spaces
  • Shopping Vouchers
  • New Deal (for non members of WynnumCentral)

Illuminations Festival Sat 21st June
Plans are well underway for this event, scheduled in just under three weeks time, on Saturday 21st June. More information on the website here – Illuminations Festival. Nearly 800 people – mainly children – have booked to take part in the Lantern Parade, which will take place from around 4.15pm, starting at the old school, going down Edith Street and down to the Wading Pool. All participants will be carrying lanterns – it will look great as the sun goes down.

We would like to encourage all Wynnum retailers, especially Edith Street retailers, to remain open at least until the Lantern Parade on that day to welcome everyone taking part (plus see Fete de la Musique details below). We have specifically asked the organisers to take the parade down Edith Street so as to incorporate Wynnum Central traders in the event. WynnumCentral is a minor sponsor of the Illuminations Festival.

There are still opportunities to sponsor the event, with options from just $200 available. The “Illuminations Festival Support Pack” is $200 and includes the following:

  • A lantern
  • A floating LED light to go into the lantern
  • A mention as a “supporter” on our website
  • A photo of the person with the lantern on our Facebook Page – photo must be supplied by supporter
  • An advertising opportunity for the supporter on our Facebook Page (one guaranteed)

Please contact me on 0402 332287 if you are interested in taking this up.

Fete de la Musique Sat 21st June
This event is on the same day as the Illuminations Festival. WynnumCentral has reserved Edith Street as a venue for this event, which is being run by Brisbane City Council (see official site here). We are aiming to have over 50 musicians playing in the street from 12pm until 5pm, and then down at the waterfront.

We would expect this event, and the Illuminations Festival to draw people into Wynnum and again recommend you consider remaining open on Saturday afternoon for this.

We also need retailers who can help us with power for some of the musicians and acts. We have a number of long extension cables, so we just need a power point. Public liability on the pavement is covered by Brisbane City Council as it is sponsored by them, although we will of course be covering cables so they are not a hazard.

Printed Newsletter
Preparation are well underway for this, with a prospective publication date of 15th June for the first one. It will be distributed free to all households in 4178 and will also be available in quantities for WynnumCentral members.

Passport Promotion
We have over $5,000 in prizes pledged for this promotion. We are waiting on passport design and some legals which will be completed first half of June with a view to launching in July.

New Banners
The next phase of banners around Wynnum is planned for July and there are sponsorship opportunities – more information here:


One in five banners will be promoting the markets.

Twilight Seafood Market
We are still in negotiation with a potential major sponsor for this event. We are looking at a prospective kickoff date in September.

We are trialling this event at the next market on Saturday. More information here…

Win artwork up to $500 at WynnumArt at the market next Saturday

…with a view to spinning this off as its own Sunday event. If you know any ’emerging artists’, there are still some pitches available.

Wynnum Creative Spaces
This initiative will give landlords and property owners with vacant shop units in Wynnum an opportunity to participate in a reinvention of Wynnum Central into a creative ‘hub’. We are waiting on legals to launch this. This initiative is a joint project between WynnumCentral and the Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce.

Shopping Vouchers
We need to keep a closer handle on reimbursements against shopping vouchers. So we are asking all members to note how many vouchers they need to be reimbursed for and notify us by the last day of the month. We’ll then transfer the money into your account and then come round to pick up the vouchers. Please let me know how many you have needing to be reimbursed for May.

New Deal
To encourage more Wynnum businesses to support the scheme, we will shortly be giving non-members the opportunity to support individual initiatives, for one off upfront payments for the campaigns and initiatives they would like to support. The new application form is here:

Service Agreement 2014/2015

This has been converted to a 12 month contribution and we will offer a small discount for members wishing to make their weekly payment open ended (instead of running for 26 weeks). This payment can of course be cancelled at any time.

Any questions or comments, please give me a call on 0402 332287.


David Bateson
07 3040 1972 / 0402 332287

PS please note – postal address is now PO Box 472 Wynnum QLD 4178