A First Aid Course… for dogs?

You read it right. Jo Normand, fresh over to Australia from the USA, is keen to qualify in Dog First Aid, in preparation for setting up a dog training and pet services business.

Jo has found a vet willing to hold a 2-3 hour course in Dog First Aid (for $70 per person) for ten people, so Jo only needs another nine people who would be interested in taking part.

Jo says “I believe it’s a very important and responsible thing as a pet owner or anyone in the industry to be able to assist a pet in distress in the most common occurrences that can happen each and every day in the home. It creates awareness for looking after your pet given our suburbs are becoming busier, more people and animals out there, traffic, for them to understand what to do in an emergency whether it be poisons, eating the wrong thing, heart failure, heat stroke, etc.”

If you’d be interested, contact Jo direct on [email protected].


Image credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Hypothyroid_Labrador_retriever_1.jpg

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