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Are you a local business that would like to get the word out about what you do in the local community?

If so, you should consider WynnumCentral as a way to do it. Why? WynnumCentral is one of the ‘go-to’ online news resources for what is happening in Wynnum, with a focus on the central shopping precinct.

Wynnum itself has a population of around 12,000 people. The WynnumCentral website (in the 12 months to March 2018) had 16,000 users and 22,000 ‘sessions’ (ie visits). We also send a regular news emails (WynnumCentral ENEWS) to around 2,000 people and have 3,500+ Facebook likes. In addition there is a WynnumCentral (iOS and Android) app for those on the go.

The initiative is primarily supported by local business group Wynnum Business. Membership of Wynnum Business gives members access to a certain amount of exposure on the WynnumCentral website, in the regular ENEWS email and on our social media channels, including via business profiles which feature in the news section of the site.

2018 Refresh
The website has recently undergone a complete refresh, making it much faster and more accessible on mobile devices, which account for around 60% of all visitors. It is also now a secure site (ie all communication is encrypted and it shows up on browsers as ‘https:’).

You are welcome to become a member of Wynnum Business (details here) if you are a local business, that is you are based in Wynnum or surrounding suburbs. Various levels of membership give you different levels of exposure on WynnumCentral and members have access to special rates for additional advertising and promotion.

Alternatively get in touch for our casual rates for…

  • Banner Advertising
  • Full Page Takeover Branding
  • Business Profile in News Section
  • ENEWS Sponsor Message
  • Social Media Profiles

Banner Advertising

There are six ad positions throughout the WynnumCentral site to choose from.

Full Page Takeover Branding

This option gives your business a full ‘wrap’ around all pages on the site.

Business Profile in News Section

People love to read stories. A business profile is a story about a local business – who they are and what they do (we have a small team of writers that does this). The current marketing terminology for this sort of approach is ‘content marketing’ and ‘native advertising’. It works for major national companies, and has driven the popularity of the WynnumCentral site, and continues to work for our members and advertisers.

At the same time as getting your name – and what you do – out there in an accessible way, you are also helping to support the initiatives of WynnumCentral to encourage the revitalisation of the area.

All members and supporters are acknowledged everywhere, both online and on any printed material such as flyers and posters for events we organise. To see what we have written about our members, check the ‘Meet Your Local Businesses’ section on the home page.

ENEWS Sponsor Message

This is an email sent out to our database on your behalf, marked ‘a message from one of our sponsors’.

Social Media Profiles

Promotion via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

What next?

  1. Drop us an email at
  2. Call us now on 07 3040 1972 (tap to call from mobile)
  3. Fax us on 07 3319 6319 (yes we really do still accept faxes!)
  4. Write to us at PO Box 472 Wynnum QLD 4178
  5. Subscribe to the Wynnum Business email update (you will automatically also receive WynnumCentral ENEWS)


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