Election Survey Results (final)


Our survey is now closed. A total of 59 people took part and the final result is…

Again, this is a very small sample but does show Alex Givney (LNP) still in the lead, however that lead over Sara Whitmee (ALP) has narrowed. It is also somewhat contradicted by our quick poll which shows Sara Whitmee with a comfortable margin, although again with only a small sample of 111 responses.

So …all bets are off!

Thank you to all 42 people who have so far completed our election survey. Of course 42 people is a very small sample (so not really ‘statistically significant’) however it is uncanny how some of our previous election surveys, despite also being small samples, have been quite good predictors of the actual results!

We are keeping the survey open should you wish to share your thoughts with us anonymously at any point before election day next Saturday 16th March, plus we have a quick ‘snap poll’ here which we are keeping open until election day asking who are have voted for (or who you will vote for or if you are still undecided) – again anonymous.

Having said, here are the results so far from the survey…

What is the most important issue in this election?

Click here to read all of the responses (so far) to “What is the most important issue in this election?”


When asked gender and age band 52% of respondents were female and 45% male, and the largest representative age band was 46-55 (29%) followed by 36-45 (19) and 56-65 (17%).

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