Are you a poet, but you don’t know it?

Well if you are, and you do know it, then you should go in for the Bayside South Development Forum 2017 Poetry Contest. You need to take inspiration from the three photos that won the photography competition held earlier in the year and write three short poems for each. The competition is open until the end of this month (Friday 30th June) and you can submit your entry (and view the photos) at bsdf.org.

One of the winning photos

If poetry is your thing, you might like to head over to Little Gnome in Florence Street on the first Thursday of every month where BSDF will hold a BYO Poetry Night 6pm-8pm. If you’re interested in learning more call either Ina on 0407 179670 or Kate on 0400 000968.

Get your poetry on!





Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Prafull_Shiledar_reading_poetry_in_11th_Ars_Poetica_International_Poetry_Festival_2013_at_Bratislava.jpg


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