Bendigo Community Bank looking to set up in Wynnum

The Bendigo Community Bank Victoria Point branch is looking seriously at setting up a branch in Wynnum, and is appealing for Wynnum locals to join its project steering committee.

The Bendigo Bank previously attempted to set up a Community Bank branch in Wynnum, but was thwarted when the GFC hit.

Although Wynnum has plenty of banking facilities, with most of the major banks represented, the Victoria Point Community Bank branch is confident that it can bring something to the area. The Community Bank model is specificially built around working and supporting the local community by reinvesting profits locally. At WynnumCentral we would welcome the establishment of the bank in Wynnum, particularly if its funds could help with the revitalisation of Wynnum.

Here is a statement from the Victoria Point Community Bank® Branch:


Wynnum-Manly residents, business owners and community groups can help make history with a new campaign to establish a Community Bank® branch in the region!

Victoria Point Community Bank® Branch is looking for fellow Baysiders who want to explore the merits of securing their very own, locally-owned and operated, banking alternative.

Victoria Point Community Bank® Branch staff and directors believe Wynnum-Manly is an ideal location for another Community Bank® branch, as part of the Bendigo Bank network.

The branch is seeking enthusiastic locals to be on a steering committee for the project, to raise support and highlight the potential positive impact such a venture could have on the region.

Under the Community Bank® model, branches are owned by community shareholders and profits are reinvested locally through sponsorships and grants.

In Redlands, Victoria Point Community Bank® Branch has injected almost $450,000 into the local community since it was established in 2006.

A local Community Bank® branch would offer Wynnum-Manly service clubs, community organisations, schools and charities, potential access to an additional partner and supporter for their activities and events.

For more information call Justine Kennedy on 07 3820 9355 or 0422 022998.


More info on the Bendigo Community Bank:


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