Does anybody know what’s happening on the old Wynnum Central State School site?

Because we certainly don’t. The site was bought by Brisbane City Council from the Queensland State Government at about the time of the last state election, and everything has gone pretty quiet since then. All the time that nothing is happening is effectively wasted time for the site, when it could be either redeveloped to revitalise the centre of Wynnum or at least used on a pro tem basis for other events and activities.

Of course the BAM event was held in the old school grounds recently and a small number of voluntary groups have been allowed to use the facilities, but this is nowhere near using the site and buildings to their full potential.

Last year the Chamber’s Wynnum Redevelopment Taskforce conducted a survey of over 600 local residents asking them what they would like to see on the site. The survey findings were presented to council, but no response has been given by council to date.

We are very interested to know what is happening or being planned and we will contact Brisbane City Council soon to see if we can find out. We’ll keep you posted.


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8 thoughts on “Does anybody know what’s happening on the old Wynnum Central State School site?”

  1. Jenny Furlong
    My understanding is that the BCC wants the building vacant by November/December, they are conducting some sort of audit, maybe it is OHS?. The Men’s Shed may have more info on the developments. The same is happening with the Municipal Hall, all regular hirers have to remove everything by end of November, BCC are doing a reno on the Hall, so will be unavailable for hire for a while, not sure for how long, or what the hiring costs will be after reno. I guess we will all have to wait and see.
  2. Sue Willingham
    The site should become the community’s art based precinct with the Park area. As far as apartments go, the old Mt Carmel convent building on Bay Tce has been ready to go for accommodation but is being held up by possibly the BCC.
    Is Wynnum CBD being put out to developers to buy up multiple sites?
  3. Anita Byth
    Community activities such as relocation of Wynnum Library to site
    BCC should give long lease of required portion of land to a decent cinema operator e.g. Birch Caroll Coyle or Cineplex to build (at cinema operator’s expense – maybe partnering with developer) a cinema complex with car parking.
    This would be a huge drawcard for Wynnum Central and would instantly re-vitalise it back towards its glory days …. and, at NO cost to BCC & ratepayers.
    All Wynnumites should be screaming for this opportunity now!!!!
    • Bec Meagher
      I would love to see a cineplex cinema go in there. They are so much more affordable than the big cinema brands. I wonder if the owner of Cineplex has ever considered the option. He did Southbank….Wynnum could be next.
  4. Pam Gasteen
    We need to bring more people into the CBD of Wynnum so what better idea than a previous suggestion to turn the school building into apartments. With apartments right in the shopping precinct and a cinema in the grounds closer to the Wynnum Central station…..that would bring people to shopping…the rest could be made into a small Park.land attached to the apartment block….still enough room for either a library or community interest where the old school is….but let’s not just talk….let’s get it done.
  5. Matthew Brennan
    I find it incredible that the parkland in the school grounds are still fenced off. The parkland in the school grounds should be retained in its entirety and re-landscaped to cater for community use and enjoyment. Perhaps a band stand, skate board pit, dog park section, play ground area, community garden, some cricket nets, public toilets.I was so envious of Bulimba when I went there to join in on the Bulimba RSL festival. They have a fabulous parkland area at which the whole community can gather and enjoy.I think the parkland area in the Wynnum State School is even better because of it’s central location.

  6. georgina greenhill
    I too wonder why the parkland and basket ball courts are not available for public use as they are regardless of what their intended future is.


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