Happy New Year!

Better late than never…

We hope you had a good break over Christmas and the New Year. 2023 was a busy year – even though it seems to have gone in a flash. Lots of movement of retailers and other businesses – both in and out of Wynnum Central during the last twelve months. We’ll be putting a short article together soon giving you a quick rundown of the changes, which we suspect will be ongoing in 2024.

There’ll also be a short survey asking you what you think of the changes and what you think is still missing from the retail mix in Wynnum. At the tail end of last year there was some very interesting research that came out on what people in Australia generally want to see in high street and main street retail precincts, and we’ll be sharing some of that with you next time. Until then, enjoy our updates and let us know your thoughts, either in the comments section on the site or on our Facebook page.

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