High street retail rejuvenation ideas from around the world

In the UK the problem of failing high street retail locations has prompted the government to appoint a minister for high streets, and some towns and cities have taken it upon themselves to fight the influence of out-of-town shopping centres and the lure of internet shopping by reinventing high streets as entertainment centres.

Bristol in the UK, which launched its own currency – the Bristol pound – a few years ago, has now got in the news again by installing a giant waterslide in one of the main streets, which has attracted over 100,000 visitors. Deal, in Kent, has also won a competition to find the best high street in the UK.

How about Wet n’ Wild Wynnum or the great Wynnum waterslide anyone??

What Bristol’s waterslide tells us about the future of high streets
Reinventing the high street: Deal wins high street award

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/13922515977/

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