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  1. Gary Bear
    There is not enough parking and it is getting worse ,this is why Wynnum central does not get a lot of shoppers ,and a lot of us have issues with cars parked across our drive ways. I wish those devolopers would go back to whatever overcrowded dump they crawled out of and stop overdeveloping my home town,just for the allmighty dollar you scum want to turn our Wynnum into the bloody Gold Coast. I say good on BCC for making you grubs put in more carparking and so they should as its way overdue.
    • phil saunders
      I don’t think anyone is trying to turn Wynnum into the Gold Coast, but your head in the ground, turn back the clock method will only see the eventual complete demise of Wynnum. The only way forward is an increase in foot traffic, without that there will be no shops or services in Wynnum,maybe its already too late in which case you at least will be happy. Without development Wynnum is doomed
  2. Tim
    This letter makes no sense. There are two issues here.It starts off talking about NEW multi-residential developments needing more carparking and the reduced yield due to more land being used for carparking … not rentable residential living space. i.e. you want to build a multi-res apartment block, you need to allow for more on site carparking, which means less on street parking.

    In any event, according to the “taskforce” Wynnum properties are the 7th highest in QLD, meaning developers should still get a good return for their money.

    “Until Wynnum Central has enough unit approvals then the revitalisation of the retail precinct will not happen and Wynnum Central will languish in its current state of decay.”

    Says who ? The owners of the retail shops can refurbish their buildings any time they want. In fact, I know of a rather large refurbishment being planned in that area already. This is on top of the new “Cultural Precinct” mentioned in the “Taskforce’s” own newsletter.

    How about the owners spend $$ on their shop fronts to entice new business into the area? There are a lot of vacant shops about and they all look 30years old. i.e. not inviting.

    “The Taskforce estimates that a minimum of 250 new units need to be completed to reach a critical mass of people which will ensure retail vitality, viable cafe precinct and better retail offering,”

    Developers could build as many NEW multi-residential buildings as they liked .. but if the owners of the retail buildings don’t spend $$ on them, the place will still look the same.

    BTW . Why use an image of a shopping centre being built in the UK which was taken off a website that teaches soil quality ?

    • Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
      Tim, I totally agree with you. Perhaps the BCC’s persistent neglect of Wynnum to focus on building glass towers on the upstream flood plain has forced so many cheesy, cheapskate, greedy, unambitious, commercial property small fish to buy up Wynnum CBD. Why doesn’t council take a tough stance: renovate the streetfront of your retail property to modern standards by the end of 2014 or relinquish your retail license. Also the council should ban charity shops from bay tce and Edith street by End 2013. They belong on the back streets and are an insult to brand wynnum.
      • phil saunders
        Good idea, get rid of the charity shops, another 5 or 6 empty shops is just what Wynnum needs, very constructive stuff! And forcing already struggling businesses broke buy imposing the huge cost of upgrading their landlords buildings, inspired stuff.
  3. Mabel
    Where on earth did you get your picture from? A nice little working-class town in England??? It’s definitely NOT from Wynnum. Cannot see your point. Lost me completely. Please explain in your next newsletter so I know not everything is in code!
    • admin
      Hi Mabel. You’re absolutely right it’s not Wynnum and yes it probably is somewhere in England. We were just looking for a copyright free generic image of a building site and couldn’t find any that were in Wynnum, or Australia for that matter. On reflection we could have used some photos we have of the Wynnum Point Hotel building site!
  4. Alan Black
    I think that the car parking requirements for unit developments are grossly inadequate, so congratulations to the BCC for increasing the ratios. Lack of parking is the main reason that I don’t go to Wynnum Central more often – or enjoy the many facilities along the foreshore as often as I would like. Higher density development will ruin the very things that make this area a desirable place to live.
  5. phil saunders
    A couple of comments,There is a lot of uninformed comment by people who have not got a clue, the truth is pretty simple, Wynnum lacks the variety of businesses (the variety was here once) and to get that variety it needs a greater critical mass, high density unit developements are the only answer to this shortage,over the years locals have taken advantage of the growth of suburban shopping centres and then complained because their local CBD stores close down, landlords have neglected their premises and then wonder why the can’t fill vacancies. The attitude of some landlords defies all logic, they would rather have their premises sit empty rather than spend some money to get a tenant and rather than a lesser rent they will leave a building empty, if brains were dynamite there would not be any explosions among the landlords of Wynnum, of course many of them don’t even live here or indeed in this country.
    Parking is not a real issue! Parking is not a real issue! Parking is not a real issue! Parking is not a real issue!
    On any day there is empty parking behind virtually every shop in Edith street. Have a real look sometime, then you can make an informed comment.
    Strange how peoples minds work, I still get asked regularly, “Where has Tandy gone, I shop there all the time”, they left Wynnum probably 7 years ago, people have failed to support the businesses of the CBD, blame whoever and whatever you like but the blame lies squarely at the feet of those who now whine about the state of the place,
    simple as that.

  6. Jenny from The Block
    Phil Saunders you are one funny man. I love your passionate responses. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion- even if it is ill informed.I do agree that the current state of Wynnum Central is depressing. No Developers are going to stick their necks on the block and take the risk of being the first cab off the rank when it comes to redevelopment. I am a local business owner and land lord who has spent $$$ on upgrading my tenancy however it is extremely difficult to find any businesses that want to relocate to Wynnum as it really doesn’t have that much to offer in the way of traffic generators, casual dining or shopping. The Charity shops also bring the wrong people to the area- those without $$ to spend.

    I believe we are probably 7-10 years away from seeing any significant change in the Wynnum CBD.

  7. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    Firstly, Bay Tce needs to be a destination that will attract visitors. This can’t happen without adequate Govt funding and leadership. The Bayside taxpayer has helped fund the construction and project management of so many exotic CBD and NE-SW tunnel projects for which we have no use for, so surely we are entitled to this.Secondly, around Bay Tce there needs to be sustainable development like, for example, new offices in Wynnum CBD. Wynnum’s location relative to the port, moreton bay, the industrial belt to the west and Brisbane CBD combined with the lifestyle benefits of being by the sea and the cheaper rent than Brisbane CBD could surely attract new business offices. The white collar workers that would come with them would support local businesses and residential developments, which will provide jobs for the welfare/charityshop demographic, and so on. Sustainable development.

    All of this can happen with the genuine support of government.

  8. Scott Mac Donald
    I have recently purchased my second property in Wynnum as I am passionate about real estate. It confuses me to length why Wynnum hasn’t yet jumped leaps and bounds. If you look at similar suburbs in Sydney 15 kms from the CBD with three train stations, dual carriage way all the way to the Story Bridge with future promise from the Queensland Government to further upgrades to Wynnum Road. Then there is the Port of Brisbane Motorway direct to the new Gateway Bridge, 5kms away.Wynnum is the closest beachside suburb to the Brisbane CBD. Wynnum has to move but for some reason it is stuck 20 years in the past. When it does move however, hold onto your hats. I think it will go crazy once developers and government realise its geographical location and already fantastic travel services, ie roads and rail system and the thoughts of people change then you will see Wynnum change.

    It has too! You cant stop Geographical location.

  9. Rob
    I live in manly and sometimes head into wynnum at weekends for odds and ends. I’m mystified by some of the comments re: parking. Its easy to get a car parking spot almost anywhere on the side streets off the main drag, or usually even on the main drag itself.The reason for this is that the retail and other commercial offer in wynnum is dire and nobody with any money shops there. It’s like a ghost town after 12.00 on a Saturday afternoon.

    The only way the CBD will evolve and revitalise itself is by attracting more people to the area and a more diverse demographic.


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