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12 thoughts on “Wynnum Colourband Update”

  1. Paul
    The people go to the trouble of supporting your promotion and you refer to them as ….some shoe shop in Wynnum ????

    Talk about amateurs.

    • Col
      And your contribution to Wynnum Redevelopment (apart from negativity and nastiness) is? Nice to know that I could be lucky enough to have you as a neighbour.

  2. Georgina
    Yes you’re right.

    For gods sake, it’s a promotion to reinvigorate Wynnum and you’re asking businesses to get involved and that is your response.

    C’mon lift your game – we’re all involved here

  3. Geoff Riley
    Hey this is a good thing for Wynnum.

    Ok so they stuffed up a bit, but the overall concept is good. Well done Wynnum.

  4. Denis Kedron
    A fair is a great idea but I do like the fact everybody is commenting over this promotion..good or bad … It’s at least driving interest at a time when things are tough. A great initiative.

  5. Conni
    Ha…love all the responses

    Go Wynnum. Maybe Kevin Rudd could open the fair ? Mmmm, maybe not. Don’t want to ruin a good thing.

  6. admin
    Hi Everyone

    The editorial team at WynnumCentral here. To address a few of the comments here… the colourband is an initiative of the Wynnum Redevelopment Taskforce, a sub-committee of the Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce. Although we work together it is not an initiative of WynnumCentral. The bumper sticker is distributed free of charge – printing etc funded by supporters of the Taskforce.

    WynnumCentral is funded by the 21 businesses listed in ‘Members’ on the right. The enterprising shoeshop is neither a member of the Chamber nor a member of WynnumCentral (yet!). We think what the shoeshop manager has done is great – we love it, that’s why we featured the photo. But we cannot promote them over our members. However, it shouldn’t take much to work out which shoeshop it is. Check the ‘Where To Shop’ directory – there’s only one shoeshop listed.

  7. Rachel
    Think your second paragraph is a little contradictory, you say you cannot promote the business but take a photo of it so that we can all recognise it. Do you think it would be better to feature your members shops, and may be do some positive features on this website, as many are negative or do not encourage people to visit Wynnum. More positivity please.

  8. Fiona
    Hi all

    The stickers look great and so does the shop. So it’s a positive for Wynnum all round.

  9. Jo Butterworth
    With regards to the water tower is there a reason why the word Manly is in massive bold letters and on the other side facing Wynnum is only the colour band and the word Wynnum is nowhere insight?
    One would assume that if the colour band is about Wynnum that the whole slogan (Wynnum Brisbane’s Seaside) or at the very least Welcome to Wynnum should be visable?????

  10. admin
    Hi Jo

    You’re right – if you didn’t know the colourband was associated with Wynnum it wouldn’t make much sense. However the colourband will soon be in a lot more places and the water tower will then make sense (we hope) in context. We just had to get it done first as the water towers are given a makeover once every 10 years + we had to do it while the repainting and refurbishing was happening.

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