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  1. Belinda
    I was at this meeting when it was floated. It was Downright embarrassing then and is downright embarrassing now. Even as a tourism gimmick to “attract” visitors, it’s still downright embarrassing

  2. Charlie
    This is the most disgusting idea thought of to date. I have no idea of the reasons behind this load of **** but to try and pit one suburb against another in the Wynnum Manly area is appalling. I was born in Manly and now live in Wakerley and consider that I still live in the Wynnum Manly area. Maybe I should consider not shopping in “Wynnum”.

  3. Rachel
    who has voted this in? When did the vote happen? How did this happen? Wynnum is and always has been a community and disconnecting ourselves from brisbane is ridiculous and embarrassing. Please do not advertise this as it is utterly shameful. Wynnum just needs a few new developments which are on their way, and the markets were a good idea but needed running properly. I have never heard anything like this before and hope someone puts a stop to it!

  4. Georgia O’Shea
    Utter stupidity! Who is wasting their time on this rubbish. This better not be using any funds from anyone other than the fool-who-thought-of-it’s own bank account! Embarrassing!

  5. Liz Agnew
    Glad to see that a proud Wynnum-ite has a clever sense of humour. Actually I quite like the idea of a Wynnum Passport – why not? We have other loyalty cards such as Flybuys, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Everyday Rewards and a whole range of other gimmicks. Also I do find the 4178 postcode for so many different areas around Wynnum annoying for a sprawling but growing district. I enjoyed reading this idea and although it would take a lot to decentralise from Brisbane City Council and revert to an independent Wynnum Council / State, it doesn’t hurt to have some civic pride, a sense of humour and some imagination!

  6. Kylie
    Common on guys. Where is your sense of humour. This is a bit of fun to raise the profile of our lovely suburb. The article was very clever and well written. Well done.

  7. Derek Miles
    Come on everyone. Why have so many people got so serious. I think this is one of the greatest ideas out. 99% of the residents of this whole area will think this is a great idea. And I bet your bottom dollar there will be lots of other suburbs looking at this to see how this goes. And if we don’t embrace it then it will go elsewhere and some other area or suburb will reap the benefits. Look, even our very own Member of Parliament thinks it is fun. Otherwise why would he have shared the posts. And look at what Wynnum Herald is doing. Join in the fun and get your passport. What have we got to lose?

  8. Embarrassed resident
    I was also at the community consultation meeting where this idea was floated. To my disappointment the “consultation” involved a long and drawn out set of speeches from committee members and little opportunity for engagement from the residents and business owners who attended. I approached the ‘governor’ of the republic of Wynnum after the meeting to offer feedback and was brushed off. It is such a shame because I believe that there is a lot of potential in our lovely seaside suburb, but this idea certainly isn’t something that highlights that.

    • Derek Miles
      In response, some feedback is often negative. So to get things done one has to ignore negative responses. Wynnum CBD is struggling and everyone sits on the sidelines and complains. It takes courage to stand out from the sea of negativity. This project isn’t about you personally. It is about getting the district noticed so that it grows and prospers. And if this does nothing else than get everyone talking either in a negative way or positive way then something has been achieved. The organisers should be applauded for their efforts to boost the fortunes of the traders of Wynnum because who else will? I’m all for it. Bring it on.

      • Embarrassed resident
        Derek, I understand that sometimes one has to push through negative feedback to make progress, but as I stated in my initial comment I was disappointed by the community consultation where a room full of passionate residents and business owners turned up to have their say and offer their assistance and it was largely ignored. This isn’t “sitting on the guidelines and complaining” as you say, but rather it was a genuine attempt to be involved, which included offering services and expertise from my own local Wynnum business for free , and being brushed aside. It certainly wasn’t an effective exercise is getting locals on side or involved. What a wasted opportunity.

        • Derek Miles
          Embarrassed resident. I am prepared to put my name to what I say. I did say sidelines – not guidelines. Be that as it may, now this has happened and so many people have taken notice, here is your chance to get on the bandwagon and make something of it. Don’t be embarrassed. Join the fun and make the most of it. If you have a business in the area – why not put your money up like I have done and make the most of it. This project has been noticed. Sunrise tomorrow morning. Our local State Member has shared the facebook posts. Who knows where this will lead. Give the Governor a big clap for coming up with the idea and putting his money where his mouth is.

  9. David Saunders
    What an absolutely fantastic idea! This initiative is all about getting Wynnum (and the surrounding suburbs) noticed. Already Channel 7’s Sunrise program has announced that they will be doing an outside broadcast from the Wading Pool tomorrow morning, so already it’s working.And it’s also about attracting people to live, shop and spend in the area. If the Wynnum Central traders see a boost in trading this can only have a positive effect on employment, and new traders will start to fill some of the empty shops as others realise the benefits. I agree with Derek; the organisers should be applauded for this fantastic initiative.

  10. Robyn Schloss
    I am interested ,impressed ,excited and curious as to what this is all about (Republic and Passport) Interested.. tomorrow to find out if I am ready to own a Passport ..I am impressed at the motivation of the group who took time and trouble to try and make things better for Wynnum. I am impressed , at the moment, with the style of publishing. Excited about Wynnum being on television Thurs morning, I have not witnessed anything positive(eg television show) like this before in Wynnum. Curious about the kind of people behind all of this and as for whether they stay on the land and beachfront and not get too” cool “for Wynnum and go out in the tide ,keep in touch with the community as A WHOLE and there will be no turning back the clock. Robyn Wynnum West .L.C

  11. Cheyenne
    Wynnum doesn’t have very much… Not many who “travel” there wouldn’t have much to see. I don’t know what the hype of this is but to be honest Wynnum doesn’t deserve a reputation like that. Wynnum needs more things that are beautiful and unquie before it considers itself a country. Honestly otherwise wynnum will be known as the heart of all bogans.

  12. Laura Norris
    This is a fantastic idea. I would like to put my name forward as Supreme Chancellor of The Republic of Wynnum. I will be fair but firmly cruel.

  13. mark fart
    Definitely tell all the people commenting are from wynnum. You gotta be pillock to believe this, stupid wynnum people is stupid.

  14. Ben
    Incredible that in 2014 people still do not know a marketing campaign when they see one. Rather than being ’embarrassed’ and ‘disgusted’ be thankful that someone is at least trying to promote your suburb because it’s a pretty safe bet that you aren’t.

  15. Annette
    this is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who is the fool that choose to did this . Come on who consulted the wynnumites. Not the stupid fool that’s for sure. Mate go back under the rock you crawled out from and pull your head in. You are a total disgrace to the community of Wynnum

  16. Yvonne Merriman
    I for one enjoy the ‘tongue in cheek’ that has been created from all this. Since yesterday I have had a rush for ‘new citizen’ application/s and handed over from these applications our Republic of Wynnum Passports. How excited were these new passport holders.We, as business owners, struggle to survive so with this new creative ‘tongue in cheek’ idea we hope that the spirit of shoppers will return to Wynnum proper. The Twilight Markets are a great idea and as part of the incentive the Republic of Wynnum was born. My hat goes off to the dedicated organisers that are always trying to better Wynnum for all of us to want to shop here, thankyou.

    • Binny of the bay
      Did it bring you new business? Did the “rush” of people spend money in your store? If not, what’s the incentive for them to come back once they have received their passport?

    • Derek Miles
      It is so nice to see a positive response Yvonne. The organiser would probably be very appreciative of your comments. It is also great to see a business in the area getting behind an initiative that is one small part in lots of things going on in the area funded and promoted by various people who have their hearts in helping small business flourish in Wynnum and Districts. As a business owner in the area myself I certainly like to see all this activity going on. It is better to do something than just sit back and moan about not getting any business.

  17. Binny of the bay
    So, just to clear this up. How does a “gag” passport made exclusively for people of Wynnum, bring people to Wynnum? Seriously, what do the shops who have the passports, get out of this and does the “passport” allow you to receive discounts at the participating stores?
    What’s the “tourism” incentive and what’s the “local” incentive?

  18. Jeneva
    What does this passport actually do? Is it a loyalty card? Do passport holders get discounts or freebies at local stores? Is it am incentive to spend dollars or merely an embarrassing gimmick? If this was truly about the promotion of the local businesses then that information should be more explicitly stated on the website.


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