Shop survey: Cinema comes out top (again)

So far 466 people have completed our shop survey, where we recorded all the suggestions written on the stickers on empty shop windows in Wynnum. We now have the full results which we are of course happy to share…

Bar/Diner (late opening)26055.79
Sushi Bar22047.21
Tapas Bar21646.35
Wine Bar19341.42
Ice Cream Parlour19040.77
Mexican Restaurant18439.48
Healthy Juice/Sandwich Bar18138.84
Boutique Beer Cafe17437.34
Women’s Clothing15833.91
Organic Food Store13228.33
Pizza Restaurant (eat in)13027.90
Greek Taverna12927.68
Frozen Yoghurt Shop12526.82
Chocolate Shop11825.32
Fashion Accessories11524.68
Retro Shop10923.39
Burger Joint10522.53
Music Shop9720.82
Shoe Shop9620.60
Art Gallery9319.96
Craft Shop9119.53
Fishing/Camping Store8317.81
Fabric Shop8217.60
Art Store7716.52
Electrical Shop7716.52
Sweet Shop7716.52
Record Store7415.88
Hobby Shop6614.16
Men’s Clothes6614.16
Pet Store6513.95
Roller Disco6113.09
Fudge Store6012.88
Games Arcade6012.88
Jewellery Store5812.45
Old Fashioned Toy Shop5712.23
Swimwear Shop5612.02
Secondhand Junk Shop5211.16
NRL/AFL Store459.66
Camera Store439.23
Plaster Fun House439.23
Comic Shop429.01
Men’s Interest377.94
Tattoo Parlour306.44
Sci Fi Bookshop255.36
Skate Shop245.15

Apart from the cinema, which of course almost everyone would love to see, the majority of the popular ideas are around night entertainment and places to go to eat and drink during the day and in the evening. At WynnumCentral, we’ve always thought Bay Terrace would make a great entertainment district, as was suggested in one of the Wynnum Chamber’s suggested plans for Wynnum CBD.

We’d be very interested to hear your thoughts – let us know in the comments below.

PS We’re keeping the survey open, since we’d like to hit a round number of 500 responses, so if you haven’t completed it please feel free to do so.

PPS WynnumCentral’s David Bateson was interviewed recently by ABC612 Radio Brisbane’s Matt Macklin on Spencer Howson’s breakfast show about the stickers that have appeared on the windows of empty shops in Wynnum. Hear what he had to say…


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