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Snackpack Challenge at KebabZone

Last Saturday, if you were driving down Bay Terrace between 11am and 3pm, you might have wondered what all the commotion was. The answer is – KebabZone were holding their ‘Snackpack Challenge’! The challenge involved being able to finish a two-sided KebabZone snackpack (chicken on one side and beef on the other) in under 15 minutes. There were twenty people game enough to take part, with around 80-100 spectators watching the show.

Nick, Mary and Curtis at KebabZoneThe winner – who won two snackpacks and drinks and a coveted spot on the Winner’s Wall – was Noah Axam (pictured above). If Curtis and Nick (with Mary from KebabZone, left) – who helped organise the challenge – have anything to do with it, look out for more fun events in and around Wynnum… and Manly.

KebabZone is a member of Wynnum Business and a supporter of WynnumCentral

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