Vale Ros Price

It is with much sadness that we report that Rosslyn (Ros) Price, who ran Aaalora Florists in Wynnum for many years, passed away last month.

Ros had asthma and suffered an attack in her shop in Edith Street and, despite the best efforts of first responders, was unable to be revived.

Her funeral was held at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Wynnum on 2nd August and the turnout of several hundred people was a testament to how many people’s lives she had touched.

Unbeknownst to many of her customers at the florists, Ros devoted a very large part of her life to helping people who were homeless or otherwise going through a tough time.

She was a regular visitor at Rosies food vans out on the street helping the homeless and those in need of a hot drink or some food, as she was at Orange Sky (who run a fleet of vans equipped with clothes washing facilities and showers), where she was someone that people could talk to and share their experiences (if they wanted to). And where she could help she always would.

Ros was also a member of Wynnum Business (the group behind this website) and attended many meetings, often bringing a plant or some flowers along to be given away at the meeting.

Ros will be deeply missed by the Wynnum community.

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