You told us – laneway cultural event and music-focused event top the list

WynnumCentral Big Little Survey – results

First of all thank you to all of the 176 people who took the time to answer our questions in the 2022 Big Little Survey. This is a fairly good response rate of 9% of our ENEWS subscribers (or to be precise 8.8670681%).

Of the thirteen possible local projects we asked your opinion on, three were the most popular. These were…

1. A weekend multicultural laneway-based event
2. A weekend music-focused event
3. Lobbying for an extra public toilet for Wynnum Central

And clearly nobody’s that enthusiastic about electric vehicles!

Here are some quick summaries of the results, plus below these we have listed all the comments from respondents.


The Bad News (before the Good News – below)

What do you like least about living here?
A reluctance to embrace change and move forward to a brighter future.

e.g. The Kitchener Park development vs Save Kougari.

absolutely nothing
All good
All the dogs, too many since covid
All the people who don’t want to see change and growth.
Areas near and around cafes, restaurants are not non smoking areas. I don’t like that people smoke in Edith Street near cafes etc. As an elderly person I have to be cautious when using pedestrian crossings as some drivers do not follow road rules.
Block of land in Bay Tce not mowed or cleared for more than 2 years, some footpaths in Akonna St not mowed – these areas are letting the rest of Wynnum down badly but Council will not take action.
Build up of traffic on Wynnum Road nr Plaza and nr Lindum station
Can’t get a cup of coffee after 2pm
Can’t swim in the bay
Central business district dead as a door nail
Certain types of people
Reckless driving
Lack of rentals
Considered a lower socioeconomic suburb by most other Brisbane suburbs. The high rise buildings seem out of place
Cost of living
Council rates are high. Buses only run hourly and are not well coordinated with train times.
crime – lack of police presence. Youth’s disrespect for people and property
Crime and dated shops in wynnum central
Toilets at Whale park are disgusting!
Crime rate seems to be going up and doesn’t feel as safe. We also have a few housing commission houses near us and now the only tenants that get put into these houses are people on drugs and people that just have screaming matches in their front yards.
Crime, lack of citywide priority for Wynnum’s central traffic concerns, poor / outdated streetscapes,
Crime, prison release population, not enough investment in commercial enterprise
Dagginess; need for more shade; limited range of cafes, restaurants and businesses on Esplanade; very limited public transport; free some stretches of Esplanade from parked and passing vehicles
Drivers not observing speed limits – particularly the 40km/h on Bay Terrace (not just in the school zone). Cafes with outdoor eating areas should be encouraged to hose down the pavements outside their premises, some are pretty disgusting.
Drugs and gangs
E scooters
Electric scooters on the walk along the esplanade
Electric scooters, dirty ATMs.
Empty shops, it is better then it was but I want more and less. More retail and less mortgage brokers, less beauty and hair salons.
EScooters, hoons driving the streets. Roaming teenagers that cause havoc. Break and enters, thefts of cars and parcel thefts from the roamers. Won’t come into Wynnum after dark or use the underground carpark if a lot of people are not around. Was accosted by a bloke begging in the carpark
Ever increasing housing developments and road traffic
Ex husband lives here too
Gentrification and over development/ high-rise apartments; rising rent and property values making it more difficult for locals to stay here.
Having to leave the village for items such as hardware, clothing, shoes etc
Honing cars at night and enjoy scooters on the road
Hooning cars
Idiot drivers around
Idiots on the roads – loud noisy cars with stupid drivers
Increasing no of high rise building, units and housing developments
It’s along way to get public transport.
It’s still such an untapped opportunity on Bay Terrace and Edith & Florence Streets to really lift the local area
Lack of amenities. Shocking parking in wynnum. Need more toilets, more shops – that are open. The whole shopping centre has become a ghost town with many shops locked, shuttered, unopen and a blight on what was once the most beautiful little bayside town. Mind you, we probably won’t be here much longer, ‘cos we’ll get mowed down by an e-scooter, or we’ll fall over one, whilst traversing the littered footpaths.
Lack of car parking in Wynnum central
Lack of footpaths and efficient public transport
Lack of multi cultural diversity
Lack of public toilets in CBD.
Lately the scooters, they make a beautiful area ugly as they are dumped all along the foreshore, not enough speed bumps to slow traffic . More pedestrians crossings to the water eg..Berrima St no crossing & traffic on weekends now is very busy, we have elderly in our street that have trouble getting across the road ..
Lindum train crossing
Local federal politicians refusal to acknowledge climate change is a significant issue for the wynnum/ manly community.
Locals whinging and insinuations that Wynnum is like Logan. It’s far from it.
Location , the bay, nice neighbours
Low tide
Midges, midges, midges. Bus service could improve.
Need more good quality restaurants in Wynnum
need to boost the local retail – seems there are several groups, but lack co-ordination and self interests seem to take priority, over mutual benefit
Negative/smart alleck people
No complaint
No complaints
No complaints.
No enough parking
No health food or organic grocery stores
Noisy and inconsiderate traffic use on Esplanade. Inconsiderate usage by bike and scooter riders along sea wall walk.
Noisy dogs
Not a lot
Not enough shade trees along the waterfront. The difficulty in getting plant based food in cafes/restaurants.
Not enough trees. I want them everywhere.
Nothing – love it here
nothing it’s all good
Nowhere near enough rubbish bins on esplanade. Too few toilets, showers etc., fresh water taps, on esplanade. Not enough parking, anywhere! That gawd-awful ‘vegas’ type tree lighting around the place ugh! Maybe try some artistic, stylish branch highlighting instead? Wildlife and traffic friendly of course!
Occasional graffiti and speeding in 40 zone
old buildings and cheaps shops
out dated nowhere for the young ones under 18 to go apart from the movies,
outdated streetscape appeal and when is the new wynnum plaza going to be built by?
Over development of units and higher buildings
Parking at Wynnum Central
Parking units in shopping areas. Closing of old shops
Parts of Wynnum Central look tired & run down & need updating.
There are a lot of ‘less fortunate’ people roaming around in Wynnum which makes me feel unsafe.
Peace beauty and friendly people and
Peoples reluctance for change. The tyrannical hold some small business owners have over the area and it’s improvements
Perceived increase in vandalism and crime. Not sure if it is a thing but just seems less safe.
The number of unit developments changing the face and character of the suburb.
Would be good to have proper foot paths in all streets so perhaps need some lobbying of council.
Poor variety of shops. So much of the same things.
public transport
Ratbag people
Road conditions
Road quality and hoons
Road surfaces do need improving but otherwise love living here.
Scooter use, car hoons, very late night noise from entertainment areas, dogs in dog free areas where kids play, lazy litterers, lack of Stop signs at IGA and Woolies to allow pedestrians their right of way, few public toilets in main shopping area.
Scooter 🛴
Scooters abandoned on footpaths
Secure park and ride facilities lacking
Slow progress on improving the variety of shopping options. The lack of good dining options and no artisan bakeries.
so many cars coming in and out of wynnum
Starting to look like a housing estate. Green spaces being demolished and cookie cutter houses going up.
Still needs more variety of shops and also people need to support. Would be good to have a local green space for people to hang out & eat. Needs a consistent row of eateries to choose from
still some way to go around restaurant choices
the derilct shops left vacant for years like the roundabout in preston road and the empty shops in wynum central
The destruction of old homes to build McMansions or the letting them to rot – the Turret House
The disorganised development with large structures being built amongst lowest suburban streets. The new national storage development is a hideous atrocity in urban planning. A few blocks back from the water and in amongst residential zoning. It will make Wynnum feel like and industrial estate. It’s a bayside suburb! Equally random high rise units. Are we Cleveland? It seems chaotic and unsophisticated. Shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in such a piecemeal way.
The drug problems, high rent
The electric scooters, and the insane amount of op shops..
We need more government resources and money spent on dealing with some of the more pressing social problems in our area and stop relying on charitable enterprises or worse profit-making job services for the disadvantaged in our suburb..
The horrible railway crossing at Hemmet.
The lifestyle
The new scooters. Hate them
Wasting money on volleyball in the pool in winter .
Door catches on the handicap toilets not working.
The noise
The old shops and lack of variety for modern retail shops
The op shops and lack of nightlife
The Parking Central wynnum
The price of housing now.
The sea grass build up especially at the wading pool. Last year all along the front!
The smell at the foreshore. The mud on view. We should have a boardwalk with a floating group of restaurants at the front to the right of the wading pool ie the manly end. Not easy to launch Stand up paddle boards and kayaks. Need a ferry terminal to the city
The talk of a 15000 stadium going in at Kitchner Park as the traffic will increase and this is already a bad area when games are on
the unfortunate abundance of change-fearing whingers trying to hold back progress and slow the influx of happy young people
The Violet and orange scooters being offered. Nearly was run over by one of them.
The weirdos
The whingers
The Wynnum whingers
There isn’t anything not to like.
Things can be a bit scary around Wynnum Central train station at night.
Through traffic in Glenora st instead of putting it along Berrima st where the business outlets there and in Tingal Rd would benefit
too many gyms, hairdressers real estates
Too many people
Too many weekend visitors.
Too much of the same shops
Traffic and crime
Traffic and parking is getting worse
Traffic getting very heavy, houses being pulled down & 2 or more ugly dwellings being built on the same block.
Traffic increase
Trains hooting every time they approach a station!
Trains not running some weekends.
Many shops on Bay Terrace require a facelift to attract more custom.
Trying to find a new rental is difficult and stressful. 🙁 Not sure if we’ll be able to afford to buy a house in a few years once we have a deposit saved.
Under capitalised waterfront. Better splash park more integrated sea pool. Invigorate pandanus by bringing in sand
Unfortunately we have stopped going to the local Woolworths and Coles. My children have been exposed to local youths and adults who are swearing, smoking and sometimes intoxicated outside of these locations. This has occurred almost every time we shopped at these stores. For that reason I avoid taking them as much as possible and choose click and collect or to shop elsewhere.
Very little. That’s why I’ve lived here all my life. Parking can be limited sometimes.
Very sad that BCC failed the community in building a Woolworths in what could have been a lovely Central Park in Wynnum. There was no consultation! Not impressed with the library either. What did BCC do with the money? I didn’t see it go back into the local community! This could have been a great venue for community gardens and sustainable living exemplars.
We still have to travel to capalaba or carindale to get certain things, because Wynnum has not got what we want, they just have to much of the same…
Weeds in public places, in gutters, along kerbs. Needs a good clean up (cf Redlands)
Wynnum Central is good, but would love for it to be better activated to make it worthwhile. On Sundays it is absolutely dead everywhere!

The Good News

What do you like most about living here?
Access to Esplanade. Smaller shops, Wider variety of shops, shady areas, some seating
Access to small shops and waterfront for walking.
Access to the bay, living in a self sufficient town while being close to the city.
Access to the water front. Space and lots of trees
Always lived here, love the bay breezes
Area is changing and improving all the time. Seaside breezes and increasing opportunities
Bay and beautiful houses
Bayside and bay breezes; range of services; quality of library: laid back: Esplanade; rail stations; greenspace
Bayside breeze, open spaces, green spaces, Perry’s fruit shop, Perry’s butcher shop, collective store
Bayside, town-like atmosphere. Local community.
Beach living
Beautiful breezes all year round and friendly atmosphere
Being able to walk along the Esplanade
Being close to the water.
Better temperature than the western suburbs, good railway access, easy access to motorway, seaside views t
Close to all facilities, parks and near the waterfront.
Close to Bay & handy to work
Close to coast
Close to nature, not over developed, ample shops, train line, local cinema.
Close to the bay and shops
close to the ocean
Close to the water and the community feel about it
close to the water; easy access to everything you need; relaxed lifestyle
Close to the waterfront, lots of cafes,
New physio, love the op shops.
Both coles and woolies close together. Greenery in the streets.
Clean streets. Waterfront gardens kept clean and tidy. Love it
Close to water and shops both Wynnum & Manly
Close to water, within walking distance of Wynnum central for shops, bars & movies
Closeness to amenities
Community and the bay
community and the location
Community feel
Community feel
Community spirit
Community spirit.
Convenience to shopping, transport , cooler cleaner air, friendly area, well maintained public areas, variety of shopping and cafe/ restaurants,
waterfront family and group areas, easy walking and biking, attractive for visitors, council provided exercise for seniors, feeling safe, improved streetscapes with maintained gardens,
Cool fresh bayside breezes, lovely views, nice people & beautiful homes on decent sized blocks of land with pretty gardens. Our area has lots of simple beauty both in the natural surroundings & old homes with character.
Cycling and walking on the waterfront; mixture of shops and cafes within the CBD and waterfront. Great to have our own cinema and having new restaurants and bars opening up is fantastic for our area. Good that there are no really high-rise buildings on the waterfront. Train access to city is good, as is access to motorway and airport. Who would want to live anywhere else?!
Dan murphy, Pete Cummings, Clive Palmer freedom forever
Ease of getting around, shopping and the waterfront views
Ease of getting to anywhere but less traffic in local area compared to other Brisbane areas
Easy access to airport, city, cultural events and most things I need I can get locally.
Easy access to the beautiful bayside foreshore, great new cinemas, food trucks on the foreshore, Wynnum Up Late, the lovely community spirit and the fantastic Wynnum Fringe Festival.
Environment, pace of life, good distance from city.
Environment. Proximity to bay. Convenience of nearby services ie Dr, Chemist, PO, Transport Dept, Banks, QML etc. And speciality shops, cafes, coffee shops, train, bus services.
The bay
Seafood 🦞 cafes the collective and other cool shops the breeze and the community
everything – the bay, the new gardens in the streets, the new shops, new coffee shops and restaurants, movie theatre, community exercise classes in the parks and community hall, a feeling that Wynnum is on the cusp of being even more special than it already is.
Everything. Have lived here all of my life and would not live anywhere else.
Foreshore. Open shopping center. Different to other shopping 🛍️
friendly and waterfront
Friendly place and the bay
Friendly, and not too crowded, yet
great area –
Great life style
Great place to get around. walking paths. Sea breezes on a hot day.
How beautiful and ever changing the bay is. Kayaking on the bay. That there is a mix of old and new. Great coffee (Dramanti).
i just do
I like it because it is a comunity
It’s Home!
Less Covid!
lifestyle and less traffic
Lifestyle. Esplanade, water play and playgrounds for the kids.
Living by the Bay, Village type atmosphere, The potential for more retail and food outlets.. Movies up the street..basically nearly everything we need is here ..
Living by the water and having a vibrant old fashioned shopping precinct, both within walking distance of my home. Excellent public transport to all major shopping centres and city. The natural environment and bay breezes make living here very pleasurable.
Living very close to the sea and the parks that are on the fore shore
Local people look after each other
Love living close to the sea, and all the local nature.
Love the sea breeze, walking along the water front. Restaurants are top quality
Love wynnum! Paradise in the city
Lovely precinct ie Wynnum, manly, Lota with so much potential and services in local area make living here easy. The bay and esplanade another monumental attraction- the reason we live here. The train line. Proximity to the Gateway. The bay and nearby islands.
Manly, the waterfront
modern buildings
My Mum and Dad moved here in 1950 and I’ve been here ever since, wouldn’t live anywhere else. Beautiful area close to the water.
near the bay
Near the water and has basics like drs bakery coffee shops supermarkets but needs more for sundays
Near the water, small community, good schools, family orientated, safe , some things to do
Never too crowded,
Peace and quiet
Proximity to everything
Proximity to the bay with easy access to public transport The busy-ness of the parks and walkways along the Bay. The lower temperature than the city. The fact that I can get all I need within a 5 minute drive from my house.
Proximity to the waterfront
Quiet neighbourhoods close to lots of parks and playgrounds.
Quiet, peaceful, close to the beach. Shopping centre in walking distance.
relaxed yet increasingly vibrant seaside lifestyle, all within easy walking/scooter distance. more and more local amenities reduce the desire to travel outside the local area.
Relaxed, close to water
Safe environment, open space and great foreshore facilities available for all. Cooler sea breezes. Easy access to, rail to city transport. Community atmosphere with activities organised, eg markets, health and fitness programs, movies in the parks, playgrounds and picnic space free of charge. A great place to live we are very fortunate, please keep it this way. No need to go expensive or up market, keep the area available for families and outdoor loving people. Please don’t think about another Gold Coast environment. This is a marine environment hopefully for recreational use for all.
sea breeze, easy going nature, views
Sea breezes
sea breezes and close to the bay
Sea Breezes and cooler temps in summer
Sea Breezes. Lower population
Sea, wildlife, cafes, waterfront,
Seaside parks and water front
Sense of community. So much on offer that is free and available to all- the waterfront, the parks, the council gym equipment, the friendliness.
Shopping, eating out and living in a lovely environment. I don’t need to leave Wynnum Manly for anything I need
Small community vibe
Sun sea always a cool breeze
temperature, views,
The Bay
The bay
The bay
The bay
The Bay and beachfront
The Bay breeze
The bay breeze
the bay breezes
The Bay front
The Bay lifestyle
The bay views. The bay breezes
The bay, need I say more? Nice village community feel.
The bay, parks, cafes
The bay, quiet area.
The Bay, the atmosphere, the community.
The bay, the foreshore walking, local cinemas, relaxed lifestyle
The Bay, the lack of through traffic, the Village feel, the library (pity it cost us Supa IGA though) the Councillor – Good onya Peter, the Op shops (though KMart is often cheaper !! – someone should tell them)
The bayside, small local community
The climate, the sea breeze, the proximity to shops, etc.
The close proximity of everything that a retiree needs to have a very fulfilling retirement.
the closeness to the sea
the community & pace of living. Also pleased that entertainment amenities’ (esp restaurant choices) are increasing but still room for more
The community spirit and the growing number of quality restaurants and bars
The community, the physical environment (foreshore etc.), the green spaces, the transport links.
The environment, proximity to the beachfront and the village atmosphere
The esplanade, greens spaces, easy travel to shops, walkable, bars and cafes
The feeling of community
The foreshore life, close to public transport,
The foreshores and marina.
The close community feel.
Shop local community.
The laid-back atmosphere and sea breezes, having essential services at our doorstep
The morning walks along the water and Convenience of shops and great Businesses 5mins away.
The ocean breezes, friendly people, parks and sporting grounds. I especially love the opp shops and community services.
The pelicans and the bay
The people, atmosphere, the bay side, village living.
The proximity of everything. We try to buy everything local and can walk to most places including the beachfront.
The proximity to the bay.
The relaxed, outdoorsy lifestyle
The small community and access to waterfront and other “over 60s” services.
The small village feel…although this is changing with all the unit developments.
Access to public transport.
Access to a variety of food options and services.
Water and bushland close by
The op shops.
The water
The water
The water and bay views
The water I love to walk along the waterfront every day
The water, utilities, the wonderful friendly people!
The water.
The waterfront
The waterfront is what we love the most. Food trucks and
The waterfront, community, its handy to get unto the gateway, seabreezes, lots of positives..
The weather
Good choice of restaurants
Nice parks
Village atmosphere
Village atmosphere
Village feel and close to the bay
Village feel, seaside lifestyle, community focus
Walk to waterfront…
Walking along waterfront
Walking beside the bay
Good community feel
walking or driving along the bay perfect.
Water front
Water front
Water, community, changing atmosphere (positive)
Waterfront precinct and friendly community
We have everything so close to us. eg shops, ambulance, doctors, transport dept, centre link, train stations,airport (and most of all the beautiful bayside)

Main image: Tom Sekula on Unsplash

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