2017 supermarket survey – results

We had 64 people respond to our recent Wynnum supermarket survey – a little down on the 116 responses we had to our first survey a year ago, but still a ‘statistically significant’ response we believe!

The survey has thrown up some interesting information, with probably the big surprise being that 39% of those who responded said they had swapped to the Woolworths in Wynnum Central in the past year. 22% of respondents now shop at Woolies Wynnum Central, however Coles Wynnum Central is still takes the biggest share, with 32% of shoppers surveyed still shopping there.

supermarket shelfThe biggest loser in the swap to Woolies in Wynnum Central is the Woolies in the Plaza, dropping from 22.4% of shoppers in the first survey to just 4.8% of shoppers in the 2017 survey.

Aldi also seems to have almost doubled its market share in Wynnum in the past 12 months (from 7.8% to 14.3%) and IGA seems to have held its spot (7.9% now as against 7.8% last year), and comments made in the survey show how loyal shoppers are to both IGA and Aldi.

Maybe in a year’s time we’ll be doing a survey on the impact of Amazon Fresh on the supermarkets in Wynnum!

You can check the full results of the 2017 survey here…


…and details on the previous survey can be found in our article last year here…


Let us know your thoughts on the survey results…

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