Art focus for next market

The next Edith Street Art/Craft/Vintage/Retro market is scheduled for Saturday 7th June, and will have an art focus to it. We’re inviting artists, local and from outside the area, to come down on that day and exhibit their artwork*. We’re also hoping to have a local school exhibit their students’ work at the market.

We will also be trialling a future Sunday morning art event at the market, where you can go into a draw to win a piece of art from the day, valued at up to $500. For a $2 entry fee, you will get a large yellow post-it note, on which we will write your name and mobile phone number.

All you need to do is walk around and look at the artwork on display, and stick your post-it note on the piece of art you would like to win. At 2.30pm (half an hour before the market finishes) we will walk around the art exhibits and pick one post-it note at random and – if it’s yours, you win the artwork you chose. We will call the number on the post-it note as soon as we’ve picked it. The artist receives the full price from us, plus you’re welcome to post your post-it note on a piece of artwork valued at over $500, if you’re happy to pay the balance over that amount.

*there will a number of discounted rate stall spots for artists plus a limited number of spots on the pavement

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