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Cycling with a view

With stores like Rival Bikes in Wynnum a healthy lifestyle is easy to adopt, and this, along with their passion for bikes, is what drives John and Donna.

What better place for the store to be than within the Wynnum community with magnificent views from the waterfront, parklands and bushland. As Donna from says, “Why would you go anywhere else, why would you?”

Their new store on Tingal Road is now providing early morning essentials with Rival Expresso, the new coffee cart open daily from 6am and Saturday from 7am. Why not grab yourself a coffee and take advantage of the early drop off for bike services?

Rival Bikes - bikesAlong with entry level bikes to premium road and mountain bikes, the variety of accessories at Rival Bikes is diverse and never ending including Bolle sunglasses, energy packs, running socks, jackets, vests, base layers and thermal regulators.

Remember though you don’t need to be a professional rider, it’s all about getting out and having a go. Need something for the kids to do? Cycling for the kids is a great non-competitive activity for many reasons including teaching resilience, multi-tasking, and allowing them to fall off and get back on in a safe environment.

There is nothing more satisfying for Donna and John than to see kids excited at getting their first bike and even more so with the family going out on a ride with them. With a variety of easy to ride fun bikes in stock which are comfortable to ride, why not get out there and do it? It’s great for the family and an even greater family sport.

Living and working within the Wynnum community for John, Donna and their family fits perfectly with their ethos of promoting good health. Always involved within our local community and of course a member of Wynnum Central, drop by and have a coffee with John and Donna.

Rival Bikes are members of WynnumCentral.

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