Fete de la Musique Wynnum – Photos

On the same day as the Illuminations Festival, Edith Street hosted Fete de la Musique for the first time. More than twenty musicians and bands came along to celebrate music in the street. The only problem was… the slight lack of an audience!

The Illuminations Festival, which kicked off down at the waterfront at the same time had pretty much sucked everyone out of Wynnum Central, so a few hours into Fete de la Musique we made an executive decision to pull the plug and most of the musicians and bands went down to the waterfront and played to the crowds there.

Roll on 2015 when we’ll do it again (and since 21st June next year is a Sunday, we won’t clash with the Illuminations Festival!).

Here are some photos (taken by DBS Menswear’s Colleen Hellen) of the musicians playing in Edith Street.

Main image: local band Laid Back N Blues

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