WynnumArt popular at last market

Around eight artists took part in the WynnumArt event at the last market and over 100 little post-it notes appeared on artwork on display at the market. One person was going to win the artwork of their choice and the lucky winner, chosen at random by local MP Neil Symes, won a $600* artwork by Brisbane artist Lars Vester.

WynnumARTWynnumArt will become its own event later this year, which will be run monthly on a Sunday morning in Wynnum.

*the event funds the winner up to $500 and the winner can choose a more expensive artwork if they are happy to fund the difference, which was the case this time. The artist receives the full ticket price.

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  1. I participated in this. I think the idea is wonderful. However, there really needed to be more exhibits by artists. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more artists participating in this event. It could be wonderful!

  2. Hi Bri – you’re right there weren’t many artists – it was a test run for a separate event to take place one Sunday a month. For this we’d be aiming to have 25+ artists each time.

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