Get your Wynnum hoodie for Christmas!

In the run up to Christmas why not show your support for Wynnum by getting your Wynnum hoodie? If the hoodie is not your bag, have a look on our WynnumCentral online store for a range of other Wynnum colourband items, from bags to caps to badges, over forty items priced from only $5. All profits from the sale of Wynnum branded items are ploughed back into the WynnumCentral initiative to bring the central shopping area in Wynnum back to life, including the new Edith Street art/craft/vintage/retro market and other events planned for 2014.

PS The hoodie has had a bit of a bad rap in Wynnum. At WynnumCentral we think this is a little undeserved – it’s true that the police did suggest to traders a while back that they should politely ask customers to remove the hood, but this was general advice to all traders in the greater Wynnum police district (see our item on how we think this gives Wynnum a bad rap compared to other suburbs in the Wynnum police district) and was directed at vulnerable businesses ie those open long hours such as service stations/fast food outlets etc. So in fact no one has suggested a blanket ban on hoodies in Wynnum – it’s a beat up!

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  1. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical? We ban hoodies from shops and then offer one as a promotional item? I’m glad hoodies are banned, it’s never cold enough to warrant wearing one and the only excuse is to disguise your features. Remove the hoodie!

    1. Kenn, I think you missed the tongue-in-cheek nature of this post.

      And hoodies aren’t ‘banned’ in Wynnum; some businesses that are considered ‘at-risk’ due to their late trading hours simply have chosen to display signage requiring customers lower their hood before entering.

      Don’t get mad… get informed.

  2. Lulz… those wacky Yanks and their tendency to invent stuff centuries before Columbus set foot in the New World.

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