Is there a retail resurgence in Wynnum?

Well, if there is, it’s official – it’s in the Wynnum Herald. This week’s paper (on page 3 and in the editorial on page 53) trumpets the revival, with WynnumCentral project co-ordinator David Bateson quoted as describing a roughly 40% drop in vacant shops in the central shopping area.

Editorial_Wynnum Herald_151125The article also refers to a project yet to be launched to install creative projects and enterprises in current vacant commercial premises. Referred to in the article as ‘Renew Wynnum’ this in fact refers to a joint venture between Councillor Peter Cumming, CCIQ Brisbane Bayside and WynnumCentral called ‘Wynnum Creative Spaces’, which is based on the successful Renew Newcastle model. The partners in this project are hopeful of being able to launch this project shortly.

What do you think? Is there a revival on at the moment? Is it sustainable? What types of shops would you like to see that are not currently represented in Wynnum Central?

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  1. I Haven’t noticed any revival unless you count new coffee shops – still no real retail outlets, and why don’t we
    advertise our sports areas more strongly.? We have tennis, croquet, bowls and golf plus Kitchener Park for junior
    rugby but so far I can see! no. one promotes these. Why?
    We have plenty of banks, hairdressers, secondhand shops and chemists but not much else. Maybe when all the new
    building is complete and we have more residents, we will finally see more retail shops !!!!
    Also, please don’t forget our beautiful bay side. Only seems to be busy at weekends and schools holidays.
    We have many seniors in the Wynnum areA – do we cater for them during the week

    1. Hi Ann

      Just curious but what are real retail outlets? One only need to look at the cranes on the horizon to get a sense of the new development underway which many of us hope will encourage broader diversity in retail stores. I reckon if you really looked you’d be surprised what you find in Wynnum Central and surrounds.

      What retail shops would you like to see?

      What would seniors like more of during the week?

      Please drop into newsXpress Wynnum anytime and browse our store for xmas gift ideas..you might get a surprise.

      Kind Regards

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