Is Wynnum Central a ‘business centre’?

Drive into Wynnum from almost any direction and you’ll see signs like the this one pointing you to the ‘Business Centre’. We’re wondering if this is the best description for what Wynnum Central is – perhaps it might be better to have the word ‘shops’ in there somewhere.

We were talking to a colleague recently who has never lived in Wynnum, but has lived in Brisbane for a long time and she suggested that the signs don’t really suggest that you will find any shops at the ‘Business Centre’, maybe council offices or office blocks.

What do you think? Do you think this signage could be improved to point people who are not from the area to the ‘Shopping Centre’ or maybe just ‘Shops’, or maybe ‘Retail Centre’? And at the same time why not put up the Wynnum – Brisbane’s Seaside colour band on the road signs as well?

Let us know what you think below (and if we get enough support we’ll lobby Brisbane City Council to make the change).


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9 thoughts on “Is Wynnum Central a ‘business centre’?”

  1. The other Michelle
    I rather like ‘Town Centre’, though technically we haven’t been a town since 1923. It sounds welcoming.
  2. Celia
    I like Town Centre, but if that’s not an option, why not just Wynnum Central or Centre? ? It says what it is, and gives an impression of where things are happening – if it’s where things like the library, shops, cafes are, as well as where businesses are based, then it’s a ‘centre’…
  3. Derek Miles
    I like TOWN CENTRE. I think Wynnum folk like the idea that Wynnum is different and like a big town. Whenever I head to that area I always say “I am going to town”. Old fashion? Yes – but we need to differentiate.
  4. Ann Wilson
    Town Centre sounds good to me. Covers both business and retail, but we should also mention the bay. It is our biggest asset at the moment.
  5. Lauren king
    I think town centre is a good idea. Town centre to me suggests somewhere I can do business and shopping. Which is exactly what is is for me.
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