World records in Wynnum

If you want to be involved in world record attempts, clearly the place to be is… Wynnum!

On Saturday 13th September, Wynnum’s Rival Bikes staged their attempt on the world record for a static bike relay race. They are confident they have secured the record, but are still waiting to hear back from the adjudicators at Guinness World Records. We’ll lt you know as soon as we hear.

And there’s another world record attempt taking place this coming Saturday 4th October – the Queensland Instameet World Record Attempt.

The @Queensland Instagram account will host the biggest ‘Instameet’ on Saturday. From sunrise until sundown, there will be fifty Instameets across Queensland, one of which will be held at Pandanus Beach on the Wynnum jetty from 3pm-5pm.

If you know what this is all about (and even if you don’t) you can register to take part here…


If this is all gobbledegook to you, you are not alone, so Saturday would be a great chance to be a part of a world record attempt and… get with the program!

Are you a keen Instagrammer? Tell us below what you like about it.

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