Monty’s Place

Rhona and Rick from WynnumCentral Member (and Silver Sponsor) Flinders Coffee have recently opened their newest venture – Monty’s Place – in Glenora Street in Wynnum, in the spot where a laundrette used to be!

Montys PlaceAfter much preparation under wraps, Monty’s Place opened just recently and now offers great coffee and other beverages, plus has a wide range of options for breakfast and lunch, including some great choices for vegetarians.

Flinders Coffee in Bay Terrace will remain open (although is currently closed during the holiday period) and of course you will see the Flinders Coffee vans at almost every event in the area and further afield.

Go check out Monty’s Place at 3/119 Glenora Street.

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    1. Thanks Robyn. Wynnum has such a range of great Cafes to go to now. If you haven’t already, come and sample our coffee and delicious breakfast menu. Our specialties our Eggs benedict made with the hand cut hickory smoked bacon and sourdough, our house made pumpkin paleo bread and the Shakshouka!

  1. Monty’s looks like a great coffee shop and I look forward to trying it. But it will have to be without my husband. He and I went in recently, but because you don’t have soy ‘milk’ we left as my husband drinks soy flat whites. He was offered house-made almond milk instead; however, my husband declined. I’m not sure if it was Rick who served us, but whoever it was said they’re not going to stock soy because they want their customers to experience another taste – almond milk, which they consider makes much better coffee. That’s all very well, but I think you need to respect the tastes/preferences of your customers. There are a lot of people now who drink soy and won’t be persuaded to almond milk, my husband being one of them. Other coffee shops we frequent are able to make decent flat whites using soy. Please give it a go. Cheers, Annetta

  2. Hi Annetta,

    This is Rick from Montys Place cafe. I have been overseas since the 8th of January and will be returning Friday 22nd 2016.

    Firstly I’d like just like to clarify that our core milks we stock are soy by Vitasoy; barista blend, almond milk, lactose free, full cream and skinny. I can only assume that the soy milk stock had run out and for that I would sincerely like to apologise as it is stock we keep as a core milk product.

    With regards to the almond milk, we do not “house make” the almond milk, the brand we use is Almond Breeze, barista blend.

    Please come again with your husband and introduce yourself to me (Rick or Rhona) or our staff this weekend and your first coffees will be on us.

    Apologies for the misinformation.

    Rick Gawa
    Monty’s Place

    1. Hi Rick. I have to apologise profusely to you! I got my coffee shops mixed up …… I have realised that the one I wrote about in my comment on 17 January isn’t Monty’s Place at all. It’s a new coffee shop in Florence Street we visited. I’m so sorry.

      So I retract my earlier comments totally. I got my streets very mixed up. So no apology needed from you whatsoever. I made a huge mistake. Apologies again.

      We have in fact been to your coffee shop and my husband had no problem in getting a soy flat white, and we both enjoyed our coffees. We look forward to returning to Monty’s in the near future.

      By the way, I’m very pleased to read that you have a range of vegetarian options as my husband is vegetarian. It’s very difficult to find cafes which cater for the non meat-eaters amongst us. We applaud you for that.

      Best wishes


      By the way, I’m very pleased to read that you have

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