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(online) Video not yet killed the video store…

Anime, Junior Mints and great Aussie classics are the quirky attractions at the Blockbuster Wynnum Store… along with the Hollywood blockbusters and movies that you will never see in the cinema.

Located on Tingal Road in the heart of Wynnum’s CBD Blockbusters is almost like a cinema experience with its aisles of movies and games alongside a unique range of confectionery.

The store has seen some changing trends over the years. Manager Andrew Holman (pictured) says “The big action movies are certainly the most popular across the spectrum. We have seen this year an interest in Japanese Anime movies that not only attract the children but get the parents hooked.”

Andrew sees customers being attracted to the store with its vast collection of movies, many that never make it to the big screen including titles featuring top Hollywood stars such as Kirsten Dunst in ‘Upside Down’ or the Aussie movie ‘Get Lucky.’ The foreign language “The Untouchables” is a worthy look according to Andrew.

The store has gathered a vast array of classics based on a ‘100 Best List’ compiled by directors and the public. The original ‘Jaws’ and ‘Citizen Kane’ alongside Aussie classics such as ‘The Castle’ and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ are being viewed by a new generation. The modern day classic ‘Red Dog’ is proving to be a big hit each week with adults and children alike.

The Blockbuster store has broadened out to stock a vast array of confectionery with a great range from the US and NZ. Alongside Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are Hershey’s and Junior Mints as featured in an episode of Seinfeld. A speciality is the peanut M&M’s that you won’t find in the local supermarket.

Andrew sees the future trends in viewing as high definition Blu Ray including 3D despite the 3D format never taking off in the movies being seen as gimmicky and expensive.

DVD kiosks are springing up as the new way to rent en-route to the shopping or local restaurant. Blockbuster Wynnum operate three kiosks in shopping centres in Wynnum, Wakerley and off Wondall Road.

It’s one way to counteract the home-based downloading which surprisingly is not the main threat to the rental industry. Andrew says

“The problem is illegal downloading that occurs. Customers don’t realise that it is this that is killing off the local rental store.”

To combat this Andrew is focusing on the personal customer service that comes from being a local and family-owned business.

“We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the movies from the classics to the modern day blockbusters. I try and watch TV shows whilst we have staff who favour Horror or the Top Ten movies.”

It’s this personal service and wide range of movies that makes Blockbuster Wynnum a valuable part of the local community.

A bit about Andrew
Andrew has been managing the business for two years but started six years ago while at university and continued after graduating. He stepped up to be the manager when it was bought as a family business, and has helped to develop what was a lacklustre operation to being the customer focused operation it is today.

For those not ancient enough to know, the title references the song Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles (1979).

Blockbuster Wynnum is a member and silver sponsor of WynnumCentral.

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  1. I just love going to this store. The staff are very friendly and willing to help all the time. The $2 Tuesday are a great bargain for all new releases. The chocolates and ice cream are just awesome and the staff are happy to recommend movies should you need some help. I will keep going back again and again.

  2. I haven’t rented a movie for more than 5 years, preferring to purchase a movie I saw on the big screen. If I can’t motivate myself to go to a cinema that movie probably isn’t worth watching at all.

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