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Phil has designs on Wynnum

Philip Sargeson is a newcomer to Wynnum, but has quickly identified with the community spirit of the Bayside community and made it his home and business base.

Kiwi born Phil moved with his wife Samara and co-business partner to Wynnum a year ago and set up their home-based business in Clara Street. With family links to Lota and the beauty of the Bayside it was a natural choice to relocate to Wynnum.

“Wynnum reminds me of where I grew up in New Zealand,” Phil says, “having all the essential facilities close to hand mixed with specialist shops. I love the friendly and personal service and a chance to build a rapport.”

Philip Sargeson Creative offers a full range of design, branding and digital communications with the recent addition of in-house printing.

With Phil as the Creative Designer and Samara as Creative Director and Sales they have quickly developed a growing business. They offer a unique and eye-catching white ink printing service and can print on wood. This is very effective for wedding invitations and businesses wanting a point of difference with business cards and the like.

Phil likes to shop locally for home and his business and is a huge supporter of local business and the community offering his services. As a Gold sponsor of WynnumCentral he has provided the design for the website and printing. He has been an active stallholder at the Wynnum Art/Craft/Vintage/ Retro markets in WynnumCentral finding it a good way to interact with the local community and businesses.

Phil describes the service he offers as being “very local and personal” although his work is reaching further afield. He has plans to expand and be part of a business and creative hub based in Wynnum Central.

Away from the office Phil and Samara are active in the community involved in a local church helping with their design and printing needs. “It’s a way of giving something back to the Wynnum community and being part of it.” he says.

Both Phil and Samara love to take advantage of where they live and take regular walks along the foreshore, adding to the creative inspiration for his work.

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