Plans released for library, supermarket on school site

Last week Brisbane City Council went public on plans for the Wynnum Central School site, at least the commercial development component (no word yet on the community uses planned for the brick building).

WynnumCentral understands that the main occupant on the ground floor will be a Woolworths supermarket, with a new library on the first floor. There will be extensive underground parking and a cafe facing on to Florence Street.

“This will be a $4.25 million self-funding project in Wynnum that will see benefits for the entire community.” Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said recently.

Brisbane City Council states that it “will also undertake refurbishment of the historic old brick school building on the site and make it available for community groups with an Expressions of Interest process before the end of the year.
Council will also be delivering parkland over part of the site”

Key Points

  • New Library- 2000sqm (over 3 times larger than current – 650sqm and bigger than Carindale Library)
  • Car Parking- total of 213 spaces (175 in basement and 38 above ground)
  • Supermarket – 3000sqm
  • 2 other shops
  • Construction to commence once development approvals are obtained

At WynnumCentral we are very keen to see development of the school site and the plan for a library three times larger than the current facility will definitely be a boost for the Wynnum central shopping area. However it looks as if the proposed development would be at the expense of the area designated for a park, which according to the recent lot division on the whole site leaves a strip of ground 15m wide as the ‘green space’. Looking at the current plans, it also seems that some heritage listed trees on the site will not be retained.

As we’ve covered previously, a survey a few years ago of Wynnum residents showed strong support for keeping green space for a park (see – and take part in – our survey on this issue here), and we don’t think a 15m wide strip cuts it, especially when you consider the extra room has been dedicated to 38 car parking spaces instead of green space, when there is already substantial undergound parking planned.

We applaud the building and the library provision, and congratulate council on this initiative, we just think there could be a more sympathetic approach to the park, making it larger and providing facilities (cafes, restaurants etc) opening onto the park, like development on South Bank in Brisbane CBD. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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