Footpath market in Wynnum on Sat 6th September

The next market is a little over a week away, on Saturday 6th September. We’re running a slightly different version this time, with Edith Street remaining open to traffic and stalls moving on to the footpath, with the market centred on the junction of Edith Street and Bay Terrace and spreading out north and south along Bay Terrace and west along Edith Street.

The art/craft/vintage/retro focus remains and we are introducing a ‘suitcase rummage’ element, where you can bring along a suitcase or similar of your older items to sell from a small space on the footpath. Jump on this page if you’d like to book one of these small spaces. Please bear in mind that whatever you are selling still needs to fit broadly into the art/craft/vintage/retro theme!

PS a recent visitor from overseas (UK) commented on how clean the footpaths looked in Wynnum. It really does look like carpet doesn’t it?

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One Comment

  1. ‘suitcase rummage’!!!! yeah! then we will get the real “marche aux puces” / flee market feel we could call it our little French Wynnum event i love it++

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