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  1. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    I’d like to hear Clr Gleeson’s vision of what he would deliver for Wynnum-Manly and compare it to Clr Cumming’s vision. Cone to think of it, what is Clr Cumming’s vision for Wynnum? I infer from the Wynnum streetscape that his vision is to sustain the welfare and charity shop landscape of Wynnum as long as possible so that he can nourish the extreme left-wing demographic and stay in power. Implicit in his vision of sustainable poverty is that he has NO ambition for Wynnum.
    Clr Gleeson: we’re all ears.

  2. Kenn Davis
    Although the rail line runs through Wynnum the district is essentially an “End Zone” of Brisbane. People here go elsewhere for goods and some services. Were we to join Redlands our position on their ‘left flank’ would not improve our status. We don’t even have a direct link by road, and I don’t think anyone is going to bridge the wetlands at Lota to create one. (Unless I win Lotto.)

    Conversely if the people voted for the abolition of the States (coming in the 2030’s?) then Redlands may find itself absorbed by Brisbane, as would Logan and Ipswich, as larger local regions were created. Wynnum would then be created a District inside the Greater Brisbane Region.

    • Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
      Let’s get back to the point: wynnum is festering and Clr Cumming, by inference, is responsible. A silly newsletter website is not going to make wynnum what it should be. Get rid of cumming and put someone at the helm who has ambition for wynnum. wynnum is a smouldering giant and just needs a strong, ambitious leader.

  3. david vickery
    From what I know of Councillor Peter Cumming he is for Wynnums resurgence. more so than I believe the LNP council. It would seem to them that any worthwile part of this region, to their view stops at Morningside. No I dont believe that Wynnum is so far away from the city. Yes I think the areas value has been overlooked for what reason I am not sure. Maybe the proximty of the port is seen as only attracting temporary residents? No to being seperate to Brisbane surprisingly.

  4. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    The Lnp are no better. A bunch of muppets the lot of them: men of straw sitting quietly in the back seat. We just need a strong leader who will tenaciously go in to bat for a better Wynnum. The Bayside taxpayer – who has helped to fund so many exotic CBD and NE-SW tunnel projects for which he/she will get no benefit – deserves more.

  5. Rob
    Clr Cumming does a geat job batting for Wynnum – not his fault the LNP Council has reduced funding for the area in the last budget.

  6. Peter Cumming
    I supported the Wynnum Manly Neighbourhood Plan under which 8 and 5 storey apartments have been allowed in Wynnum Central since 1st July 2009. Three buildings have been approved but none built. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. If new apartments are built it will mean more people living in Wynnum Central which will hopefully mean an improvement in the shopping area. Market forces are hard to combat with Wynnum Central having been on the decline for decades since the advent of Carindale, Wynnum Plaza, Capalaba Park and Capalaba Central.The Wynnum Manly area has never been wealthier due to the influx of new people from down south and overseas as well as locals who have done well for themselves . Wynnum Central remains an excellent service centre with six bank branches, GPs and specialists, Xray and pathology and plenty of government departments. The LNP has not helped with the closure of the Department of Housing office ( 10 jobs ) , the tenancy advice service ( 5 jobs ), cut backs at BABI. closure of the customer service centre at the Library and now the closure of the Child safety office with the loss of 25 jobs at the end of January. No wonder there are so many empty shops. I have supported Wynnum Chamber of C
    ommerce initiatives such as the Redevelopment Taskforce and the new markets to try to lift the Wynnum Central area. I want to see the Wynnum Central area redeveloped and the old shops demolished and the mean old landlords gone.

  7. Teejay
    Wynnum is part of Brisbane and shares the kudos of being the capital of glorious Queensland.
    Brisbane’s Seaside is a strong identity.
    Brisbane has a greater commercial sector than Redlands and so Wynnum is better off with more Commercial ratepayers and less high maintainance residential areas to service.

  8. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    Perhaps this would be a better pitch:
    Wynnum Central: Brisbane’s new business and lifestyle hub
    + port services, trade and shipping
    + Moreton Bay tourism and marine environmental science
    + Bayside region medical and health hub
    + A preferred lifestyle location for the offices of new startup businesses

    To kick-start it the Govt could relocate relevant departments from the CBD to Wynnum and generate revenue for taxpayers by selling cbd real-estate.

    The council could give financial incentives for companies to build new offices in Wynnum.

    Pedestrianize Bay Tce every weekend and put on some live music to make it truly a destination for people to visit.

    Relocate the various medical facilities in Wynnum to a new purpose-built building in the vacant land to the west of Wynnum Central station, funded by the Govt.

    Work co-operatively with the landowners of Wynnum CBD to demolish the 4 central blocks and build a new master-planned Wynnum CBD with open spaces, offices, a cinema and theatre complex and retail and dining. The Wynnum CBD landowners would have non-operating equity in the master-planned project.

    • Peter Cumming
      Dear Ambitious,
      The LNP is removing public servant and government funded jobs from Wynnum Central at the rate of knots but your solution is to relocate a State Government head office from the Brisbane CBD to Wynnum Central ! A likely story.

      Also a government funded medical precinct in Wynnum Central. But the LNP efforts to date are closing the Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit and closing the hospital between 10 pm and 8 am seven days a week.

      Finally some authority – surely not the government again – is expected by you to demolish the 4 central blocks and redevelop the area.

      You are living in fantasy land.

  9. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    I live in Wynnum.
    What is your vision for Wynnum?
    Where do you see Wynnum in 2020 and what would your strategy be to get us there?
    Why is Wynnum currently an oasis of dis-opportunity while most other Brisbane suburbs are thriving?
    Why do Wynnum taxpayers pay the same as other Brisbane residents but receive none of the major investments that are furnishing most other suburbs?
    Why can it be that Wynnum is located in one of the the best geographical locations in Brisbane in terms of business and lifestyle opportunity yet its people have to commute to find work?
    Here’s your chance to prove me wrong.

  10. Marg Forsythe
    Dear Ambitious for Wynnum,
    How terribly brave of you to hide behind an anonymous name and slam our local Councillor. Why don’t you get back to the point, and debate the merits of Cr Gleeson’s desire for Wynnum Manly to join Redlands. Anyone can throw hatred and anger around; in fact it seems to be a very useful tool in politics. You wouldn’t happen to be a card carrying LNP member looking for the Councillor’s job would you? I’m sick of people bandying around vitriol instead of being productive .If you don’t have anything to contribute to the debate and to the topic itself, go and find another forum to go and ‘flame’ in. But I digress. I am fortunate to have lived in both Redlands and Brisbane City (Manly) and to own a property in both Councils. But the real question to Cr Gleeson is why is it so important to you to incorporate Wynnum Manly into the Redlands? One of his reasons for this is, he says, is to better market the area. You don’t need to amalgamate to promote the area, you just need to collaborate. Joining Redlands would no doubt increase the cost of our services. As a rate payer in both Councils, I’m bemused each quarter as to why my rates in BCC stay the same and why Redlands’ rates go up every quarter. I would also like to know why I pay over $100 more for a town house in the Redlands than I do for a house in Manly? I would suggest that perhaps there’s more to why Redlands wants to annex WM, perhaps it would increase their revenue- as Cr Gleeson said himself- he’d like to fund extra projects. As for the so called Ambitious Leader for Wynnum wanted- find another forum to extol your vitriol. I’m sure all of us in this forum can see what you’re up to and it’s not very productive to the debate, but I’m sure it serves your purpose (which is clearly self-serving.)

  11. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    I don’t have a political persuasion. I only have one house and it’s in Wynnum and I care deeply about the future of this suburb.

    I refer to my previous post and hope for an explanation that will prove me wrong.

  12. Rachel
    I would definitely want to stay as part of Bribane. It’s important to belong to the capital city. If people are looking interstate or from overseas it’s important. A pretty seaside town in the Brisbane council area is valuable.

  13. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    That would be silence from the back seat leader then, would it? No vision or ambition at all to speak of? Not even an attempt to fabricate something? Pathetic. No wonder this place is poverty central while our neighboring suburbs thrive.
    We need a leader – whatever their political persuasion – who yearns for a bright future of Wynnum and has the courage to go in to bat to make sure that happens.

  14. David Saunders
    The challenge we have is that Wynnum, Manly, Lota and Ransome are on the fringe of the Brisbane City Council local government boundary. We do tend to get a little neglected by a CBD focussed Council. Moving us to Redlands won’t change that. We would end up on the northern fringe of the Redlands City Council boundary. From a tourism perspective, we would end up being lost amongst Redlands existing “seaside” attractions at Wellington Point, Ormiston, Cleveland, Thornlands, Victoria Point and Redland Bay. Our fantastic asset – the fact that we are the closest bayside/seaside location to Brisbane would be diluted. And Peter Cumming is right – Tingalpa Creek forms a natural “demarcation” line between Brisbane and Redlands.

    Let’s get behind those who are trying hard to drive initiatives that will bring tourists, visitors, residents and investors to our Bayside. This includes people like Michael Jullyan, David Bateson, David Farley, Kevin Liepens and many, many others.

  15. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    We need strong leadership to champion our cause. You acknowledge that we’re a neglected suburb, which proves my point. Our de-neglection will come from an authorized person who has the fibre, vision and ambition to fight for a better Wynnum and demand our fair share from BCC. All my neighbors are aligned with this.

    Back to my previous point (again): where’s the response from our backseat leader?

  16. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    Neil Symes is as bad as Peter Cumming. Back seat leaders the both of them. LNP and Labour puppets. Both suppressing Wynnum in favor of bigger party/city ideals.

    Neil, Peter, what are your visions for Wynnum and how will you get us there?

    Ambition is here in abundance!

  17. Gemma Stutzle
    I would be sorry to see us become part of the Redlands.

    David and Peter’s comments have hit the nail on the head.

    Ambitious – I don’t think anyone can disagree something has to be done about revitalising Wynnum Central. However, it seems every time someone comes up with an idea to change things, they get shot down. I believe Peter Cumming rightly acts in favour of what the majority of people are saying and wanting – you need to campaign your ideas to local residents and get them on board, not blame Peter for lack of action. And… if you are going to slander, at least ensure you get the spelling right… Labour…. what Labour???

  18. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    Who’s in charge in Wynnum: Cumming. How long has he been in charge: 20yrs. What has happened to Wynnum in the last 20yrs: transformation from a vibrant community to the crime ridden, poverty stricken laughing stock of Brisbane. What has the rest of Brisbane done in the last 20yrs: thrived (it’s the fastest growing city in the western world).
    Sherlock Holmes logic here: get rid of Cumming and Wynnum will thrive. Sherlock Holmes would also be interested in why Cumming’s Wynnum has suffered while the rest of Brisbane has thrived.

    • Kenn Davis
      As someone who has lived in Wynnum since 1966, and who’s first job was in Wynnum Central, I feel I can say that the decline in Wynnum’s fortunes have not been caused by mismanagement but by economics and geography. Apart from the train Wynnum is a cul de sac, and I have previously written that most of my business is done on the way home from work, work that has caused me to travel further away every time. Companies move into new estates and upgrade equipment, requiring fewer employees. Time and technology have left Wynnum behind, and rather than trying to attract the big names here perhaps we should settle for a more genteel lifestyle. The alternative is to raze Wynnum and rebuild in a more concentrated fashion, and that means high rises up to 20 floors, a single shopping complex and adjacent office buildings, and more parkland where older buildings used to be.. Oh! and one big parking structure next to the commercial centre.

  19. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    Clrs Gleeson and Cumming:
    We’re all ears – what is your vision for Wynnum?

    • phil saunders
      Got to say I wouldn’t be responding to someone who seems to have it in for anyone elected to office but doesn’t have the guts or the inclination to put their name to what seems some very politically motivated views.

  20. Ambitious Wynnum Leader Wanted
    You just did!

    The electorate voted in Cumming because he is Labour and Symes to get Labour out. Bert an Ernie could have stood for these parties and they would have got in. The electorate have, unfortunately, been cursed with two of the most unambitious, incompetent benchwarners that mankind has known.
    Party politics aside, I’d be interested to know what the Wynnum electorate think of Cumming and Symes, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means ‘worse than useless, their inaction and incompetence are holding Wynnum back’ and 10 means ‘I worship them: their hard work, skill and vision have turned Wynnum into a paradise on Earth and please spend our tax money on giant bronze statues of these heroes”.

  21. Mary
    I am a returning resident to Wynnum and sadly I have to agree a little with Ambitious. Returning to the area after 8 years overseas and all I see is empty buildings, op-shops, closed schools and homeless aged people. I dont know or understand why the Wynnum Central school was closed and the building still left empty. I am sure this could be put to some good use instead of collecting dust.
    Hardly anyone shops in Wynnum Central anymore due to the lack of shops. Almost every time I returned to the area, there was another empty shop window.
    With the government removing facilities, much needed aged care homes and schools, its no wonder no one wants to come here. The Manly area is thriving due to its position, so why cant Wynnum thrive also as its just up the road!
    I am looking to purchase a house and raise a family in Brisbane, and sadly I cant say that will be in my home town of Wynnum. There’s not much here anymore and these are things young and growing families need to survive.
    Unless the area picks up, I wont be here much longer either.
    If becoming part of Redlands will improve the area and bring money, employment and tourism then I say go for it.

    • Councillor Peter Cumming
      Wynnum Central School was closed because it cost three times as much to run per student as larger schools. The previous State Labor government built a new primary school on the old Wynnum North High site at Boxgrove Avenue. The Brisbane City Council purchased the Wynnum Central school site over 18 months ago but has not done anything with the land. The area is in the middle of the eight storey area under the 2009 Neighbourhood Plan. Council is required to retain the brick building but should be trying to find a developer for an apartment block and a cinema and some other new development. Instead as you said the site stands gathering dust. Brisbane City Council approved the Wynnum Manly Neighbourhood Plan on 1st July 2009 which allows 8 storey developments east of the railway line and five storetys to the west. Two five storey apartment buildings have been approved plus one 6 storey office block but none have been built. The idea is to have more people living in Wynnum Central which would hopefully lead to thelandlords who own the shops upgrading or redeveloping. Wynnum Manly residents are spoilt with shopping choice with wynnum Plaza, Carindale, Capalaba and capalaba Park as well as Wynnum Central. the economy is soft and there are vacant shops all around south East Queensland. cleveland has 30 vacancies. George street up towards parliament has vacancies galore. Best wishes in deciding where you live.

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