Republic of Wynnum renames Wynnum Central Park on Independence Day

President Jullyan used the opportunity of Independence Day to rename the park where he gave his address. The Republic states…

“President Michael Jullyan in his address at the celebration of Independence Day in the Republic last Friday 12th November, declared the park where the celebration was held, previously named Wynnum Central Park, renamed to Independence Park in recognition of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Wynnum on Wednesday 12th November 2014. The new sign commemorates the renaming and is adorned with the crest of the Republic and the Presidential Seal.”

Instead of this…

What do you think of the new sign?

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  1. I like the new naming of the Park; imagine the conversations it’ll spark. Perhaps the President can further brighten the Park with some shade trees & benches …

  2. Love it. So good to have some fresh ideas for this wonderful republic. Maybe the president will be king one day.

  3. Viva la Republic! Very happy to celebrate this Great Day with a few local beers at Hudson Brewing – Wynnum’s own!

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