Road sign malfunction causes confusion

Road signs that WynnumCentral put out around Wynnum to promote Fete de la Musique (Sunday 21st June 9am-1pm, in case you’re wondering) have caused some confusion over the past few days.

confusionIn a cost saving measure A3 sized stickers were put over the top of the normal signs with details on the Fete de la Musique day but unfortunately these stickers were either pulled off or fell off, revealing the normal poster indicating that the Twilight Market was on ‘this Saturday’.

“Around half the signs were affected, so we have pulled these up.” explained WynnumCentral co-ordinator David Bateson. “It’s difficult to know whether the stickers were pulled off deliberately or whether the wind and rain were to blame. We’ll make sure we use better glue next time.”

The next Twilight Market is on Saturday 11th July.

Photo credit: (confused pink man) https://pixabay.com/en/upset-sad-confused-figurine-534103/

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