Shop Wynnum launches

Today we launch Shop Wynnum on the WynnumCentral website. The idea is to give locals the opportunity to shop online at their favourite stores without needing to leave home. When restrictions lift (and as of today Queensland is starting this process), it will get progressively easier to ‘go shopping’ in the conventional sense of the phrase, but some people may want to continue to stay at home anyway. Here’s how it works…

  • Any Wynnum business (or businesses located in adjacent suburbs) can have up to 10 of their products listed on the Shop Wynnum site
  • Prices are exactly the same as in the shop itself
  • Products ordered on Shop Wynnum are delivered free of charge to any address in the 4178, 4179 and 4174 postcodes and there’s a flat $8.50 delivery fee for orders delivered outside these postcodes (delivery in Australia only)
  • During the current COVID-19 restrictions, Shop Wynnum is free for any local business wanting to list their products (the only cost is the credit card processing fee for transactions)
  • Shop Wynnum allows a wide range of products to be listed, except alcohol and tobacco products, prescription medication and prepared food/drinks*

So… if you’d like to support your local business community and you can’t get out, or you can’t get to the shops when they’re open (many shops are running on restricted hours at the moment – check our COVID-19 page here), then have a look at Shop Wynnum. And if your favourite store isn’t featured, ask them to get in touch with us!

We would be delighted to hear your feedback on Shop Wynnum and how we could improve it for you. Let us know in the comments or on social media.

The CatNap is just one of the products you can buy on Shop Wynnum

*WynnumCentral reserves the right to refuse certain products and/or businesses from listing on Shop Wynnum

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