Spring Sidewalk Sale

Saturday 29th September

On the last Saturday this month, the pavements of Wynnum Central will be looking a little fuller than usual…

A new group in Wynnum Central called the ‘Wynnum Merchant Movement’ (we don’t think it’s political!) is launching its first event on Saturday 29th September from 9am-5pm. As the name implies, shop owners and managers in Wynnum Central will have a range of their wares out on display on tables on the footpath and there’ll be a chance to grab some bargains at discounted prices as well as opportunities to test out some products.

spring sidewalk sale flyerWe take our collective hats off to the new movement for running an event on a Saturday afternoon in Wynnum – bucking the normal opening hours on a Saturday in Wynnum, and we look forward to seeing more.

We’ll keep you posted of who will be taking part, plus you can check the Crystal Rose Gallery Facebook page for updates…


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