The Collective Store up for sale

One of the standout retailer in Wynnum Central has recently been put up for sale. Leonie McIntosh, owner of (fabulous) The Collective Store in Bay Terrace announced on Facebook a few weeks ago that the shop was up for sale.

She cites the reason for her decision being the combined pressure of helping her husband to run two other family businesses and meeting the demands of a busy family life (she and her husband have two teenage children). It’s hard to believe that The Collective Store has been going for eight years – but it has – showcasing and selling the works of a wide range of artisans – many local.

If you are a fan of The Collective Store and want to embrace a new business opportunity, get in touch with Leonie via email at [email protected]. In the meantime the store is open – so pop in!

collective store jewellery

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