Wynnum co-working hub kicks off crowdfunding project

If you saw our recent article about a new co-working space planning on opening in the centre of Wynnum, you’ll already know a bit about Central Business Associates. CBA (that’s Central Business Associates, not the bank) has just kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo to raise funds to get the co-working centre up and running. You can see the campaign, and contribute to it, here…


Celia NewlandsThe campaign aims to raise $40,000 and is offering a range of services and benefits in exchange for support. We think it’s a great idea and urge all Wynnum home based businesses to support it.

If you are planning to support it, we know that Celia Newlands of CBA is keen to put together a short series of videos of people who are planning to use CBA’s services, so you may have your chance in front of the camera.

You can contact Celia direct on [email protected].

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  1. I’m quite interested in co-location. I’ve been asked to help a business incubator in Melbourne with Internet technology facilities like Google Apps, cloud based workflow, CRM etc. and would be delighted to be involved in something similar here. My expectorant is that co-location had many benefits for micro-businesses, with many people helping and encouraging each other.

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