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Wynnum Newbies – Chantelle Davie

Chantelle has taken over ownership of the popular Subets hairdressing salon in Edith Street from previous owner Robbie Jane.

Although she started her career as an apprentice here in the Brisbane area, she has gained invaluable international experience, studying and working in hairdressing salons in Argentina, where she was mentored by styling greats such as Bruno Salas of Argentina, Ciro Apicella and Daniele Giacconi of Italy and Francine Ladriee and Christophe Guedada from France.

“I enjoyed the experience, and the mix of different cultures provided the perfect backdrop for a unique exchange of skills and ideas, with many ‘wow’ moments” said Chantelle. “Opening my own salon where I can share my experiences has always been a dream of mine, and here I am.”

medieval reenactmentWhen she’s not appearing in the local paper (Chantelle appeared in a recent edition of the Wynnum Herald) or working at the salon, Chantelle enjoys medieval re-enactments, involving knights in shining armour, jousting and all the normal medieval pursuits, we presume. She will fit right into the new Republic of Wynnum, which already has a few aristocrats and nobles in its ranks!

Subets now opens 8.30am-9pm on Mondays and Thursdays, 8.30am-5pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9am-4pm on Wednesdays and 8am-4pm on Saturdays. You can also visit Subets on Facebook –

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