Aboriginal health service to open in Edith Street

Aboriginal health service provider Yulu-Burri-Ba* is due to open a clinic in Edith Street in Wynnum in the Mendis Chambers building on the north side of the street (where the pharmacy used to be before moving to the other side of the street). The clinic will be the fourth in the area, with existing Yulu-Burri-Ba clinics on Stradbroke Island and two in Capalaba.

Although WynnumCentral is unaware of precisely what health services will be on offer, the flyer (pictured above and below) indicates a very wide range of services. At this point we’re also unaware of exactly when it will open, although the preliminary shop modelling work has already been done by the previous owners, and so we’d expect a fairly quick start.

WynnumCentral understands that the health provider has bought the entire building.

*the Aboriginal people of Stradbroke Island and Moreton island were described by the Aboriginal tribes of the mainland as Yoolooburrabee* (Yulu-Burri-Ba), which is the people of the sand and water (source: www.ybb.com.au)

Here is the flyer about the service (click to enlarge)…

Yulu-Burri-Ba   Yulu-Burri-Ba


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