Brisbane City Council Civic Cabinet comes out to Wynnum

On the same night as the Rival Bikes evening, Brisbane City Council’s Civic Cabinet came to Wynnum. As might have been expected, a large part of the estimated 150 crowd were very focused on the change in building height restriction rules and around three quarters of the time available was spent discussing this one issue.

wynnum library proposalOne questioner (not us) did ask the Council and the Lord Mayor what the Council was doing to help the retail centre of Wynnum, and the answer was essentially the same as given at the business event recently, namely Council would be encouraging developments in Wynnum that would bring more people in to live and shop, and cited the development of the new Woolworths and library on the old school site.

Needless to say we felt compelled to talk to some of the Councillors on Team Quirk about some of the schemes planned for Wynnum Central that do not rely on development and, to those councillors’ credit, we received a sympathetic ear. We’ll report any developments on this front.

Image credit: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5465/7143049707_12bf5242f4_z.jpg

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