People power works

You may recall the little stickers that appeared on the empty shop windows last year, in fact just over twelve months ago. We recorded all of the responses on the stickers and put them all into a survey, to which we had 536 responses. Just as a quick reminder, here were the top 6 suggestions:

1) Cinema
2) Late Opening Bar/Diner
3) Sushi Bar
4) Tapas Bar
5) Wine Bar
6) Ice Cream Parlour

You can probably combine 2) and 4), and if you did, you’d be ahead of the cinema. So, one year on, and how have we done?

1) Cinema – still no sign, although there is work going on behind the scenes
2) Late Opening Bar/Diner – see below
3) Sushi Bar – no joy (any takers?)
4) Tapas Bar – see below
5) Wine Bar – see below
6) Ice Cream Parlour – YES (WynnumCentral member Ycel)

Cedar & PineWe are delighted to announce that there will very soon be a wine and tapas bar opening in Bay Terrace called Cedar & Pine. To the credit of the new owner – a WynnumCentral member – this actually ticks two (and arguably three) of the top picks above*. We’ll have more information when we know it and perhaps we’ll see you down there on opening night!

As they say (one year on) – two out of three ain’t bad!

*reminds us a little of British author Alan Coren, who, before he wrote his first humourous book, researched the biggest selling topics, and found out that books on golf, cats and the Third Reich were the most popular. Needless to say his first book was called ‘Golfing for Cats’ and the tee flag on the cover was a swastika.

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  1. Progress sometimes can be a very slow process but people power historically is known to have got the difficult and at times impossible things done, e.g. the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, the encouraging thing here is that wynnum is seeing progress and I thank those people who have not lost faith and despite all the negativity they are prepared to go ahead. I am looking forward to the opening of Cedar & Pine.

  2. That’s fantastic news. Let’s hope people support these new ventures so that more follow suit. I have sampled the ice cream at the new shop near IGA and it was delicious. The service was very friendly too. Well done and a big thank you to those who have been working behind the scenes.

  3. WynnumCentral has been advised that Cedar & Pine is aiming to open at the end of January. Sorry Nici Warby!

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