Darling Point Special School appeals for votes for playground equipment

Darling Point Special School has a problem not many other schools have. Due to its location close to the bay, playground equipment for their special needs students deteriorates very rapidly.

They now need to replace their current equipment and create an adapted adventure playground, which will have a section for young children aged from 4 to 9 and another for children 10-15 years old.

CUA Community Care Schools GrantsThe school is in the running for funds from the CUA Community Care School Grants Program and stands a good chance of getting the funding – they just need a few more votes! If you would like to help Darling Point get their playground equipment, all you have to do is vote for them here…


PS WynnumCentral is working with Darling Point Special School and another local organisation called Help Enterprises to install hanging baskets outside shops in WynnumCentral – there are already a few in place under a trial arrangement with Brisbane City Council.

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