Did you get your copy of the WynnumCentral Print Edition?

If you live in 4178 you should have received your copy of the very first edition of The WynnumCentral Print Edition.

If you didn’t, let us know in the comments below (and remember that you can get a copy at any of the WynnumCentral member businesses listed on the right). If you did, and you have any comments about the Print Edition, or if you have ideas for stories next time (not that we’re short of stories!), feel free to let us know below.

Also we invite you to write to the editor at [email protected] if you prefer.

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  1. Hi I didn’t get a copy but I would loved to have one I’m even available if you need any help to letter box drop them

  2. Hi Andrew – thanks for letting us know. You never know we may take you up on that offer! Can I ask which street you are in?

  3. yes i finally got it last week so around Aug 7th Smythes Ave Wynnum, and so is one of my friend on Wynnum North rd

  4. Didn’t get a print copy but then my letterbox declines “junk mail” so perhaps that is the reason. Of course I disagree that it is junk though.

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