Drone shows the view

Developers of the Alto complex in Florence Street (and Members and Sponsors of WynnumCentral) sent a drone up to grab some photos of the likely view from the top floor of the building when it is finished. The photos are shown here.

droneDesigned by local architect firm (and also Member and Sponsor of WynnumCentral) ThinkTank Architects, the development at 100 Florence Street will have 47 residential units as well as commercial and office space, and all units from level five up will have bay views.

Construction is due to start next year, with the building scheduled to complete in 2017.


Alto - view from the top

Photo credit: (drone image) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b8/Parrot_AR.Drone_2.0_-_indoor_hull.jpg

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