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Have you seen the new bright orange scooters around?

Councillor Peter Cumming explained in his last newsletter why they are appearing around Wynnum…

You might have seen e-scooters around our local area.” said Councillor Cumming. “This is part of the Brisbane City Council’s trial for the Wynnum and Manly areas. The trial started on the 1st December and will last for 6 months, so remember to ride safe, don’t go too fast and watch out for pedestrians. It’s a unique way to experience our local area.

Councillor Peter Cumming show us how to use the scooters

To use the scooter you do have to download their app (called ‘Neuron’) and register your details and a payment mechanism.

To use the scooters costs $1 to unlock and then $0.45 per minute, although you can buy passes for anything from one day to a month.

The one day pass entitles you to as many rides as you want up to a maximum of 90 minutes in the day, with no unlock fee. It costs $15. At the other end of the scale for $45 ($1.50/day) you can have the same deal for a month (30 days).

All scooters have a helmet with them (which you must wear). You can only use these scooters on pavements, not on roads or in bike lanes on roads.

There are 4 main rules, visible on a sticker on every scooter:

  • Rider must be 18+
  • No drinking and riding
  • No more than one rider
  • Wear helmet securely

Let us know if you’ve used them and what you think of them in Wynnum, and take part in our quick poll below.

More info at

Councillor Peter Cumming is a Member of Wynnum Business and supporter of WynnumCentral.




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  1. Have nearly been knocked arse up by these scooters twice, there is still a scooter on foot path beside home on Oceania Terrace for over a week. They are dangerous in the city and are dangerous here because you can’t put brains into a pumpkin

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