Honey I shrunk the paper

Wynnum Herald (literally) gets smaller

This week marks quite a radical step for the local paper – the Wynnum Herald. It has literally downsized to a slightly smaller version.

The other major change is in how the paper will be delivered. Up until now the paper has been delivered to residents on its own, although it’s fair to say that deliveries have sometimes been a little patchy in some parts of Wynnum, with some areas getting the paper and then not, or the paper turning up a day or two late. The Herald used to always publish on the Wednesday (although often arriving the next day) and in the past 6 months or so the publication day has been pushed to the Thursday.

Under the new arrangements the paper – in its new compact size – will be delivered with one of the unaddressed (‘junk’) mail deliveries. The major change is that if you have a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your mailbox you will no longer receive the paper. Our guess is that there are quite a few readers of the paper at the moment that have this sticker on their mailbox and they will miss out from here on in. And those people who leave their copy of the Herald on the driveway for a week and then put it in the bin, will continue to receive it if they do not have a no junk mail sticker. Perhaps the Herald should produce a little sticker that says ‘Herald Please’ for people to put next to their no junk mail sign!

WynnumCentral also understands that publication day of the new format Herald will revert to the Wednesday.

Tell us what you think of the new paper and the changes either in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Old and new Wynnum Herald format

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  1. I think this stinks. I love getting my Herald. It fills me in on what’s happening locally. I have a no junk mail sticker on my letter box because I was getting inundated with leaflets. Really disappointed that this means I will no longer get my Herald. Not happy at all.

    1. I cant agree more Lenore. We also have a no junk mail sign, however it is months since a Herald has been delivered. On catching the junk mail delivery person in around November last year she advised that the Herald had been included in the no delivery. Sometimes it is quite difficult to get a copy down town

  2. I can understand the frustration of residents who want the Herald but not the leaflets. For me the online version is fabulous , I can share articles with friends and look at back copies. Less rubbish too.

  3. The Herald is a waste of time and paper. They can not get the information correct, They edit incorrectly articles that are sent to them so it reads totally different to the original. They promise insertions but generally the insert doesnt see the papaer. The promise inserts to a certain suburbs. More than not it ends up 2 or 3 suburbs away. Personally the hearald is false news and an advertising rip off and as for the facebook notifications of the herald, very rarely anytiohg that is local and most of them are purley click bait to the subscription site and not the article.
    The sooner the herald is gone the better. So many trees that will be saved.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t receive any junk mail even though I do not have a’ No junk mail’ sticker on my mail box. I live in a small townhouse complex in a side street and a couple residents have these stickers which may be why I don’t receive any junk mail. I will be very disappointed if I no longer receive the local paper now that it will be delivered with junk mail.

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