Is this why Wynnum sometimes gets an undeserved bad rap?

Every now and then stories surface in the mainstream press (like this one in The Australian last month) about Wynnum and crime rates, particularly the long running ‘hoodie ban’ issue. These reports generally come from the Police and quote ‘Police in Wynnum’ or trials of hoodie bans in Wynnum.

The point being missed here is that the Queensland Police Service ‘Wynnum District’ in fact covers a huge area, not just Wynnum itself. Other suburbs such as Capalaba, Cleveland and Victoria Point fall within the Wynnum District. This is often missed by the media, who correctly quote ‘Wynnum Police’ but which is mistakenly read by the public to refer just to Wynnum itself.

Perhaps we should lobby for the Wynnum District to be renamed something more generic, to stop this association of crime reporting with our suburb.

What do you think? Let us know below.

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  1. Probably for historical stats but that map is no longer correct. The Wynnum District is much smaller (and there’s no such Region called Metropolitan South). See the map.

  2. Hi Greg Thanks for your comments and the link to the updated map. The area is a lot smaller, but it’s still quite a bit bigger than Wynnum itself.

  3. The Wynnum District (Police version) will be renamed according to a Police spokesperson at a recent discussion with the Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce. These things take time.

  4. Wynnum might get a bad wrap, but how wrong that is: it is lovely to shop in a small community shopping centre, which provides a sense of neighbourhood, with everything I need.


  5. Wynnum is long overdue for redevelopment, the local Councillor hasn’t done much to improve things.
    The whole demographics is changing with many new residents moving into the area from “South”.
    we need a leading developer to step out and meet the challenge.

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